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TitlePlasma surface modification of chitosan membranes: characterization and preliminary cell response studies
Author(s)Silva, Simone Santos
Luna, Sandra M.
Gomes, Manuela E.
Benesch, Johan
Pashkuleva, I.
Mano, J. F.
Reis, R. L.
Issue dateJun-2008
JournalMacromolecular Bioscience
Abstract(s)Surface modification of biomaterials is a way to tailor cell responses whilst retaining the bulk properties. In this work, chitosan membranes were prepared by solvent casting and treated with nitrogen or argon plasma at 20Wfor 10–40 min. AFM indicated an increase in the surface roughness as a result of the ongoing etching process. XPS and contact angle measurements showed different surface elemental compositions and higher surface free energy. The MTS test and direct contact assays with an L929 fibroblast cell line indicated that the plasma treatment improved the cell adhesion and proliferation. Overall, the results demonstrated that such plasma treatments could significantly improve the biocompatibility of chitosan membranes and thus improve their potential in wound dressings and tissue engineering applications.
AccessOpen access
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