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TitleInfluence of hybridization of glass fiber and talc on the mechanical performance of polypropylene composites
Author(s)Morelli, Carolina L.
Pouzada, A. S.
Sousa, José Alexandrino
Polypropylene (PP)
Hybrid reinforcement
Weld lines
Mechanical properties
Issue date12-Aug-2009
JournalJournal of Applied Polymer Science
Abstract(s)The effect of the hybridization of short glass fibers (GFs) and talc mineral filler on the tensile mechanical performance of injection-molded propyleneethylene copolymer composites (PPcop) with and without weld lines (WLs) was studied in this work. The fibrous reinforcement imparts high-tensile stiffness and strength to the molding but originates a highly anisotropic composite. The negative effect of this anisotropy is even worse when WLs occur in the molding, as the high aspect ratio GFs tend to be oriented on the weak plane of the WL. Through hybridization of GF and talc, combined in different proportions, it is possible to obtain improved mechanical properties in comparison to the standard GF reinforced PPcop composites. The combination of GF with talc was shown to be beneficial for the WL strength of PPcop composites, once a synergism effect was achieved with the expected optimization of the fibers/particles packing efficiency of the hybrid reinforcement. At a given constant total reinforcement concentration, the experimental data of both tensile modulus and strength properties of the hybrid composites without WL were above the predictions derived from the estimated rule of mixtures.
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