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TitleIndigo-cellulase interactions
Author(s)Campos, Raquel de
Andreaus, Juergen
Gübitz, Georg M.
Paulo, Artur Cavaco
Issue dateJun-2000
JournalTextile Research Journal
Abstract(s)We have studied the affinity of cellulases from different fungal origins for insoluble indigo dye. Adsorption studies have shown that "acid cellulases" from Trichoderma reesei have a higher affinity for indigo dye than "neutral cellulases" of Humicola insolens. The particle size of indigo dye agglomerates is influenced by cellulase origin and concentra tion. Evidence shows that the nonpolar residues present in higher percentages in the neutral cellulases of H. insolens seem to play an important role in the agglomeration of indigo dye particles and probably in the reduction of backstaining. Furthermore, we investigate the effects of different levels of mechanical action on cellulase adsorption on undyed and indigo dyed fabrics.
AccessOpen access
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