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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2006Mathematical properties of the elasticity difference tensorVaz, Estelita; Brito, IreneConference paperOpen access
Nov-2004Analytical and numerical solutions for a class of optimization problems in elasticityMachado, Gaspar J.; Trabucho, L.ArticleOpen access
2006Geostatistical analysis under preferential samplingMenezes, Raquel; Diggle, PeterPanel presentationOpen access
Oct-2005An application to Galicia pollution data and a model for preferential samplingMenezes, Raquel; García Soidán, Pilar; Febrero-Bande, Manuel; Diggle, PeterOral presentationOpen access
2006Assessing spatial dependence for clustered dataMenezes, Raquel; García Soidán, Pilar; Febrero-Bande, ManuelPanel presentationOpen access
Dec-2004A diagnostic plot for estimating the tail index of a distributionSousa, Bruno de; Michailidis, GeorgeArticleOpen access
2005A comparison of approaches for valid variogram achievementMenezes, Raquel; García Soidán, Pilar; Febrero-Bande, ManuelArticleOpen access
May-2006Goal-directed Imitation for Robots: a bio-inspired approach to action understanding and skill learningErlhagen, Wolfram; Mukovskiy, Albert; Bicho, E.; Panin, Giorgio; Kiss, Casba; Knoll, Alois; Van Schie, Hein; Bekkering, HaroldArticleOpen access
2006Estimation of transition probabilities in multi-state survival dataMachado, Luís MeiraPosterOpen access
2006Analysis of colon cancer data using multi-state modelsMachado, Luís MeiraPosterOpen access