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TitleTextile moisture sensor matrix for monitoring of disabled and bed-rest patients
Author(s)Pereira, Tiago
Silva, Pedro
Carvalho, Helder
Carvalho, Miguel
Textile sensors
Bed-rest people
Moisture sensores
People wih special needs
moisture sensors
people with special needs
Issue date2011
CitationINTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMPUTER AS A TOOL, Lisboa, Portugal, 2011 – “EUROCON 2011”. [Lisboa : IEEE, 2011].
Abstract(s)This paper presents the development of a moisture sensor matrix based on textile materials provided with conductive yarns. The measurement principle is based on the measurement of electrical resistance of the textile. The main purpose of this work is to support research on the prevention of pressure ulcers in people committed to bed rest or using wheelchairs. In the first stage of development, the project is studying the relation between physical parameters, exposure time and the levels of discomfort and pain experienced by the patients. In a later stage, the underlying measurement and evaluation principles will be used to develop single sensors or sensor matrixes to be connected to active patient monitoring systems able to warn in situations of excess of moisture and/or pressure (produced by sweat, open wounds, incontinence, etc.).
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