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TitleSemantic representations of new cognate vs. non cognate words: evidence from two second language learning methods
Author(s)Comesaña, Montserrat
Soares, Ana Paula
Lima, Cátia
KeywordsSecond language acquisition
bilingual learning methods
Learning methods
Cognates and noncognates words
Semantic processing and Hierarchical Revised Model
Issue date2010
PublisherElsevier Science BV
JournalProcedia Social and Behavioral Sciences
Citation"Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences". ISSN 1877-0428. 5 (2010) 199-203.
Abstract(s)How is the new vocabulary connected with the semantic memory? Starting from the Revised Hierarchical Model (Kroll & Stewart, 1994), this study aimed to explore the links established between the new words and the conceptual system manipulating two learning methods and the type of word to be learned (cognate vs. no cognate). The data showed that the learning method and the type of words modulate the organization of bilingual memory.
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