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TitleDilution and magnification effects on image analysis applications in activated sludge characterization
Author(s)Mesquita, D. P.
Dias, Oscar
Elias, R. A. V.
Amaral, A. L.
Ferreira, E. C.
KeywordsActivated sludge
Image analysis
Issue date2010
PublisherMicroscopy Society of America
JournalMicroscopy and Microanalysis
Citation"Microscopy and Microanalysis". ISSN 1431-9276. 16:5 (2010) 561-568.
Abstract(s)The properties of activated sludge systems can be characterized using image analysis procedures. When these systems operate with high biomass content, accurate sludge characterization requires samples to be diluted. Selection of the best image acquisition magnification is directly related to the amount of biomass screened. The aim of the present study was to survey the effects of dilution and magnification on the assessment of aggregated and filamentous bacterial content and structure using image analysis procedures. Assessments of biomass content and structure were affected by dilutions. Therefore, the correct operating dilution requires careful consideration. Moreover, the acquisition methodology comprising a 100 magnification allowed data on aggregated and filamentous biomass to be determined and smaller aggregates to be identified and characterized, without affecting the accuracy of lower magnifications regarding biomass representativeness.
AccessOpen access
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