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TítuloOpen access mandates and the "fair dealing" button
Autor(es)Sale, Arthur
Couture, Marc
Rodrigues, Eloy
Carr, Les
Harnad, Stevan
Palavras-chaveOpen access
Fair use
Institutional repositories
EditoraUniversity of Toronto Press
CitaçãoIn COOMBE, Rosemary J. ; WERSHLER, Darren ; ZEILINGER, Martin , ed. - "Dynamic fair dealing : creating Canadian culture online". Toronto Buffalo London : University of Toronto Press, 2014. ISBN 978-1-4426-1441-3. p. 189-200.
Resumo(s)We describe the "Fair Dealing Button," a feature designed for authors who have deposited their papers in an Open Access Institutional Repository but have deposited them as "Closed Access" (meaning only the metadata are visible and retrievable, not the full eprint) rather than Open Access. The Button allows individual users to request and authors to provide a single eprint via semi-automated email. The purpose of the Button is to tide over research usage needs during any publisher embargo on Open Access and, more importantly, to make it possible for institutions to adopt the "Immediate-Deposit/Optional-Access" Mandate, without exceptions or opt-outs, instead of a mandate that allows delayed deposit or deposit waivers, depending on publisher permissions or embargoes (or no mandate at all). This is only "Almost-Open Access," but in facilitating exception-free immediate-deposit mandates it will accelerate the advent of universal Open Access.
ISBN978-1-4426-1441-3 (paper)
978-1-4426-4640-7 (cloth)
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