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TitleRelating folksonomies with Dublin Core
Author(s)Catarino, Maria Elisabete
Baptista, Ana Alice
Social tagging
Dublin Core
Issue dateOct-2010
JournalInternational Journal of Metadata, Semantics and Ontologies
Citation"International Journal of Metadata Semantics and Ontologies." ISSN 1744-2621. 5:4 (Out. 2010) 285-295.
Abstract(s)This article presents a research carried out to continue the project Kinds of Tags, which intends to identify elements required for metadata originating from folksonomies. It will provide information that may be used by intelligent applications to assign tags to metadata elements. Despite the unquestionably high value of DC and DC Terms, the pilot study revealed a significant number of tags for which no corresponding properties yet existed. A need for new properties was determined. This article presents the problem, motivation and methodology of the underlying research. It further presents and discusses the findings from the pilot study.
AccessOpen access
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