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TitleThe reconstruction of an hermitian Toeplitz matrices with prescribed eigenpairs
Author(s)Liu Zhongyun
Chen, Lu
Zhang Yulin
KeywordsCentrohermitian matrix
Inverse eigenproblems
Hermitian Toeplitz matrix
Issue date2010
JournalJournal of Systems Science and Complexity
Citation"Journal of Systems Science and Complexity." ISSN 1009-6124. 23:5 (Out. 2010) 961-970.
Abstract(s)In this paper we concern the reconstruction of an hermitian Toeplitz matrices with prescribed eigenpairs. Based on the fact that every centrohermitian matrix can be re- duced to a real matrix by a simple similarity transformation, we rst consider the eigenstructure of hermitian Toeplitz matrices and then discuss a related reconstruction problem. We show that the di- mension of the subspace of hermitian Toeplitz matrices with two given eigenvectors is at least two and independent of the size of the matrix, and the solution of the reconstruction problem of an hermitian Toeplitz matrix with two given eigenpairs is unique.
AccessOpen access
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