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TitleDesign and construction of pavements and rail tracks : geotechnical aspects and processed materials
Author(s)Correia, A. Gomes
Momoya, Y.
Tatsuoka, F.
Rail tracks
Processed materials
Issue date2007
PublisherTaylor & Francis
CitationCORREIA, A. Gomes ; MOMOYA, Y. ; TATSUOKA, F., ed. lit. – “Design and construction of pavements and rail tracks : geotechnical aspects and processed materials”. London : Taylor & Francis, 2007. ISBN 978-0-415-43362-4.
Abstract(s)The International Technical Committee, TC3 “Geotechnics of Pavements”, of the International Society for Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering–ISSMGE, started in 2001 under the proposal of the ISSMGE Board 2001–2005. It follows the previous activities of ETC 11 (1997–2001) during which an important dissemination work was done culminated with three important publications: “Unbound Granular Materials. Laboratory Testing, In Situ Testing and Modelling” (Gomes Correia, 2000), “Compaction of soils and granular materials” (Gomes Correia & Quibel, 2000) and “Geotechnics for roads, rail tracks and earth structures” (Gomes Correia & Brandl, 2001). This book intents to compile several selected contributions of the work carried out during 2002–2005 by TC3, complementary to the publication “Geotechnics in Pavement and Railway Design and Construction” (Gomes Correia & Loizos, 2004). It assembles recent knowledge in geotechnical aspects applied to pavements and railways dealing with: (1) Geotechnical aspects related to foundation layers of pavements and rail tracks; (2) Earth structures in pavement and railway construction – Promoting the use of processed materials and continuous compaction control and (3) Strengthening and reinforcement of pavements and rail track. These contributions represent an excellent source of state-of-art developments enhancing a wider application of geotechnics in design, construction, maintenance, upgrading of roads and railways. It also covers the related environmental aspects.
AccessOpen access
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