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TitleJoins of DGA modules and sectional category
Author(s)Fernández Suárez, Lucía
Ghienne, Pierre
Kahl, Thomas
Vandembroucq, Lucile
KeywordsLusternik–Schnirelmann category
Sectional category
Topological complexity
Sullivan models
Issue date24-Feb-2006
PublisherGeometry & Topology Publications
JournalAlgebraic & Geometric Topology
Citation"Algebraic & Geometric Topology". ISSN 1472-2739. 6 (Febr. 2006) 119-144.
Abstract(s)We construct an explicit semifree model for the fiber join of two fibrations p: E → B and p′: E′→ B from semifree models of p and p′. Using this model, we introduce a lower bound of the sectional category of a fibration p which can be calculated from any Sullivan model of p and which is closer to the sectional category of p than the classical cohomological lower bound given by the nilpotency of the kernel of p∗: H∗(B; ℚ) → H∗(E; ℚ). In the special case of the evaluation fibration XI → X × X we obtain a computable lower bound of Farber’s topological complexity TC(X). We show that the difference between this lower bound and the classical cohomological lower bound can be arbitrarily large.
AccessOpen access
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