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TitleUsing a non linear constitutive law to compare Menard PMT and PLT E-moduli
Author(s)Correia, A. Gomes
Antão, A. Nunes
Gambin, Michel
Menard PMT
Plate load test
Constitutive law
Issue date2004
CitationFONSECA, António Viana da ; MAYNE, P. W., ed. lit. - “Geotechnical and geophysical site characterization : proceedings of the International Conference on Site Characterization (ISC’2), 2, Porto, Portugal, 2004”. Rotterdam : Millpress, cop. 2004. ISBN 90-5966-009-9. vol. 1, p. 927-933.
Abstract(s)Engineers may now be bewildered by the various values of E-moduli they can get on the same soil if they are not aware of the variability of such a modulus with the strain level that the soil sustains. Today using simple softwares as Plaxis 7 may help a lot to understand the degradation of the E value when the strain level increase. In this paper we compare the strain levels of the soil for the pressuremeter tests, the plate loading test and the tri-axial test. Using a non linear elastic plastic constitutive law (usually known as exhibiting isotropic strain hardening) we were able to find a good agreement between the various E-moduli obtained in these different tests.
TypeConference paper
AccessRestricted access (UMinho)
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