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TitleScenario-based modeling in industrial information systems
Author(s)Machado, Ricardo J.
Fernandes, João M.
Barros, João P.
Gomes, Luís
Issue dateSep-2010
JournalIfip Advances in Information and Communication Technology
CitationHINCHEY, Mike [et. al.], eds. – “Distributed, Parallel and Biologically Inspired Systems : proceedings of the 7th IFIP TC 10 working conference, DIPES 2010 and 3rd IFIP TC10 International Conference, BICC 2010, held as part of WCC 2010, Brisbane, Australia, 2010.” New York : Springer, 2010. ISBN 978-3-642-15233-7. p. 19-30.
Abstract(s)This manuscript addresses the creation of scenario-based models to reason about the behavior of existing industrial information systems. In our approach the system behavior is modeled in two steps that gradually introduce detail and formality. This manuscript addresses the first step, where text-based descriptions, in the form of structured rules, are used to specify how the system is or should be regulated. Those rules can be used to create behavioral snapshots, which are collections of scenario-based descriptions that represent different instances of the system behavior. Snapshots are specified in an intuitive and graphical notation that considers the elements from the problem domain and permit designers to discuss and validate the externally observable behavior, together with the domain experts. In the second step (not fully covered in this manuscript), the system behavior is formalized with an executable model. This formal model, which in our approach is specified using the Colored Petri Net (CP-nets) language, allows the system internal behavior to be animated, simulated, and optimized. The insights gained by experimenting with the formal model can be subsequently used for reengineering the existing system.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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