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TitleA MPCC-NLP approach for an electric power market problem
Author(s)Rodrigues, Helena Sofia
Monteiro, M. Teresa T.
Vaz, A. Ismael F.
KeywordsElectric power
Stackelberg game
Nonlinear Programming
Complementarity constrained problem
Issue dateMar-2010
Citation“Smart Grid and Renewable Energy”. ISSN 2151-481X. 1:1 (Maio 2010) 54-6.
Abstract(s)The electric power market is changing - it has passed from a regulated market, where the government of each country had the control of prices, to a deregulated market economy. Each company competes in order to get more clients and maximize its profits. This market is represented by a Stackelberg game with two firms, leader and follower, and the leader anticipates the reaction of the follower. The problem is formulated as a Mathematical Program with Complementarity Constraints (MPCC). It is shown that the constraint qualifications usually assumed to prove convergence of standard algorithms fail to hold for MPCC. To circumvent this, a reformulation for a nonlinear problem (NLP) is proposed. Numerical tests using the NEOS server platform are presented.
ISSN2151-4844 (online)
2151-481X (print)
AccessOpen access
Appears in Collections:LES/ALG - Artigos em revistas científicas internacionais com arbitragem

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