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TitleVirtual laboratories in (bio)chemical engineering education
Author(s)Domingues, Lucília
Rocha, I.
Dourado, Fernando
Alves, M. M.
Ferreira, E. C.
KeywordsVirtual labs
(Bio)chemical engineering education
Issue dateMay-2010
PublisherThe Institution of Chemical Engineers
JournalEducation for Chemical Engineers
Citation"Education for Chemical Engineers". ISSN 1749-7728. 5:2 (2010) e22-e27.
Abstract(s)In the last decades, Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) have been promoting the creation and adoption of new learning and teaching styles. Virtual laboratories, by overcoming some limitations of conventional hands-on experiments, have been adopted as a complement or in substitution of laboratory sessions. This paper describes the design and implementation of two virtual labs for biochemical engineering education intended for students at the BSc degree. One of the virtual labs is intended to fully replace the hands-on experiment and consists on the determination of the correlation between oxygen transfer rate, aeration rate and agitation power in a reactor. The other virtual lab consists on the determination of the residence time distribution (RTD) in continuous stirred tanks series and was implemented to support the physical experiments rather than replacing them. The virtual labs provide the students a learning platform covering the fundamentals underlying the experiment, its pre-visualization and simulation. The effectiveness of the implemented system was evaluated through direct experimentation and survey (through questionnaires) with students taking the chemical technology lab course. For the RTD virtual Lab, and based on specific learning outcomes, teachers could assess significant improvement in students’ performance in the lab and also a more thorough discussion of the results in the reports. The survey results show that, in average, considering the two virtual labs and several classes, 93% of the students consider the virtual labs of great utility.
AccessOpen access
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