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TitleSynthesis and characterization of the thermal and the solvatochromic properties of heterocyclic azo dyes derived from 5-N,N-dialkylamino-2,2´-bithiophene couplers
Author(s)Raposo, M. Manuela M.
Ferreira, Ana M. P. F.
Amaro, Mariana
Belsley, M.
Moura, João C. V. P.
Azo coupling
5-N,N-Dialkylamino-2,2´-bithiophene couplers
Heterocyclic azo dyes
Solvatochromic probes
Thermal stability
Issue date31-Mar-2009
JournalDyes and Pigments
Citation"Dyes and Pigments". ISSN 0143-7208. 83:1 (Mar. 2009) 59-65.
Abstract(s)A series of heterocyclic azo dyes was synthesized by diazotation of several substituted anilines and coupling with 5-N,N-dialkylamino-2,2´-bithiophenes to give 4-phenylazo-5-N,N-dialkylamino-2,2´-bithiophenes 4-7. This reaction contrasts with the behavior of 5-alkoxy-2,2´-bithiophenes towards aryldiazonium salts which gave 5-phenylazo-5-alkoxy-2,2´-bithiophenes. The thermal stability of the derivatives was evaluated using thermogravimetric analysis. The solvatochromic behaviour of the novel bithiophene azo dyes was investigated in several solvents of different polarity. The experimental results indicate that, the heterocyclic azo dyes 4-7 could be used as thermally stable solvatochromic probes.
AccessOpen access
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