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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
12-May-2017When new technology is an answer for old problems: the use of videoconferencing in cognitive aging assessmentCastanho, Teresa Jesus Costa; Sousa, Nuno; Santos, Nadine CorreiaArticleOpen access
28-May-2017Tau-dependent suppression of adult neurogenesis in the stressed hippocampusDioli, Chrysoula; Patrício, P.; Trindade, R.; Pinto, L. G.; Silva, J. M.; Morais, M.; Ferreiro, E.; Borges, S.; Mateus-Pinheiro, A.; Rodrigues, A. J.; Sousa, Nuno; Peixoto, João Miguel Seiça Bessa; Pinto, Luísa; Sotiropoulos, I.ArticleOpen access
2017Uncovering the underlying mechanisms and whole-brain dynamics of deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's diseaseSaenger, Victor M.; Kahan, Joshua; Foltynie, Tom; Friston, Karl; Aziz, Tipu Z.; Green, Alexander L.; Hartevelt , Tim J. van; Cabral, Joana; Marques, Paulo César Gonçalves; Sousa, NunoArticleOpen access
Jul-2015Pulse wave velocity distribution in a cohort study: from arterial stiffness to early vascular agingCunha, Pedro G.; Cotter, Jorge; Oliveira, Pedro; Vila, Isabel; Boutouyrie, Pierre; Laurent, Stéphane; Nilsson, Peter M.; Scuteri, Angelo; Sousa, NunoArticleOpen access
2017Reverse shoulder arthroplasty for irreparable massive rotator cuff tears: a systematic review with meta-analysis and meta-regressionSousa, Nuno Eduardo Sevivas; Ferreira, Nuno Diogo Neto; Andrade, Renato; Moreira, Pedro; Portugal, Raquel; Alves, Diogo; Silva, Manuel Vieira da; Sousa, Nuno; Salgado, A. J.; Espregueira-Mendes, JoãoArticleRestricted access (Author)
7-Mar-2017The habenula as a critical node in chronic stress-related anxietyJacinto, Luís Ricardo Monteiro; Mata, Rui; Novais, Ashley Cruz; Marques, Fernanda; Sousa, NunoArticleOpen access
2015Exploring the factor structure of neurocognitive measures in older individualsSantos, Nadine Correia; Costa, Patrício Soares; Amorim, Liliana; Moreira, Pedro Miguel Silva; Cunha, Pedro Guimarães; Cotter, Jorge; Sousa, NunoArticleOpen access
23-Jun-2016Ensino da Anatomia na Escola de Ciências da Saúde da Universidade do MinhoLamas, Nuno Jorge; Amorim, João Filipe Pinheiro; Almeida, António Manuel Melo Soares; Mendes, Sofia Silva; Martins, Sandra; Teixeira, Pedro Alexandre Leão Araújo Gonçalves; Oliveira, Tiago Gil; Braga, Isaac; Miguelote, Rui Filipe Oliveira; Morgado, Pedro; Pereira, Vitor H.; Peixoto, João Miguel Seiça Bessa; Cerqueira, João José; Sousa, NunoArticleOpen access
8-Jun-2015The Impact of Stress in Decision Making in the Context of UncertaintyMorgado, Pedro; Sousa, Nuno; Cerqueira, João JoséArticleOpen access
2017The neural correlates of obsessive-compulsive disorder: a multimodal perspectiveMoreira, Pedro Miguel Silva; Marques, P.; Soriano-Mas, C.; Magalhães, Ricardo José da Silva; Sousa, Nuno; Soares, José Miguel Montenegro; Morgado, PedroArticleOpen access