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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2015A novel method of full-thickness bladder closure with an endoscopic suturing machine: a survival porcine studyOliveira, Carlos; Autorino, Riccardo; Ferreira, Carlos; Cicione, Antonio; Damiano, Rocco; De Sio, Marco; Pinto, Jorge Correia; Lima, Estêvão Augusto Rodrigues deArticleOpen access
2015Scarless laparoscopic repair of epigastric hernia in childrenPinto, Jorge Correia; Pinto, João MoreiraArticleOpen access
2015Neuroendocrine factors regulate retinoic acid receptors in normal and hypoplastic lung developmentTerra, Patrícia Daniela Pereira; Moura, Rute S.; Silva, Cristina Nogueira; Pinto, Jorge CorreiaArticleOpen access
2015Finite element analysis of pectus carinatum surgical correction via a minimally invasive approachNeves, S. C.; Pinho, A. C. Marques de; Fonseca, Jaime C.; Rodrigues, Nuno F.; Coelho, Tiago Henriques; Pinto, Jorge Correia; Vilaça, João L.ArticleOpen access
2015Unique tracheal fluid microRNA signature predicts response to FETO in patients with congenital diaphragmatic herniaTerra, Patrícia Daniela Pereira; Deprest, Jan A.; Kholdebarin, Ramin; Khoshgoo, Naghmeh; DeKoninck, Philip; Munck, Anne A. Boerema-De; Wang, Jinxia; Zhu, Fuqin; Rottier, Robbert J.; Iwasiow, Barbara M.; Pinto, Jorge Correia; Tibboel, Dick; Post, Martin; Keijzer, RichardArticleOpen access
2015Benefits of radial distortion correction in arthroscopic surgery : a first experimental study on a knee modelDuarte, Rui M.; Ferreira, Nuno V.; Oliveira, Armando M.; Fonseca, Fernando P.; Silva, Manuel Vieira; Pinto, Jorge CorreiaArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Jul-2015Lower NPAS3 expression during the later stages of abnormal lung development in rat congenital diaphragmatic herniaTerra, Patrícia Daniela Pereira; Kholdebarin, Ramin; Higgins, Meghan; Iwasiow, Barbara M.; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Keijzer, RichardArticleOpen access
23-Jul-2015Characterization of miRNA processing machinery in the embryonic chick lungMoura, Rute S.; Cunha, Patrícia Vaz; Gonçalves, Carla Silva; Pinto, Jorge CorreiaArticleOpen access
9-Dec-2015The role of Ephrins-B1 and - B2 during fetal rat lung developmentSilva, Cristina Isabel Nogueira; Dias, Emanuel Carvalho; Pinto, Jorge Manuel Nunes Correia; Terra, Patrícia Daniela Pereira; Moura, Rute S.ArticleOpen access
2015Transanal total mesorectal excision: a pure NOTES approach for selected patientsLeão, P.; Goulart, A.; Veiga, C.; Cristino, H.; Marcos, N.; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Rodrigues, M.; Moreno-Sanz, C.ArticleOpen access