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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2018Video-Based Surgical Learning: Improving Trainee Education and Preparation for SurgeryMota, Paulo; Carvalho, Nuno; Dias, Emanuel Carvalho; Costa, Manuel João; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Lima, Estêvão Augusto Rodrigues deArticleOpen access
3-Nov-2017Serotonin regulates prostate growth through androgen receptor modulationDias, Emanuel Carvalho; Miranda, Alice; Martinho, Olga; Mota, Paulo; Costa, Ângela Margarida Amorim; Nogueira-Silva, Cristina; Moura, Rute S.; Alenina, Natalia; Bader, Michael; Autorino, Riccardo; Lima, Estêvão Augusto Rodrigues de; Correia-Pinto, JorgeArticleOpen access
May-2018Personalized dynamic phantom of the right and left ventricles based on patient-specific anatomy for echocardiography studies — Preliminary resultsFonseca, João Luís Gomes; Morais, Pedro André Gonçalves; Queirós, Sandro Filipe Monteiro; Veloso, Fernando; Pinho, Antonio C. M.; Fonseca, Jaime C.; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Vilaça, João L.Conference paperOpen access
13-Nov-2017Prenatal microRNA miR-200b Therapy Improves Nitrofen-induced Pulmonary Hypoplasia Associated With Congenital Diaphragmatic HerniaKhoshgoo, Naghmeh; Kholdebarin, Ramin; Terra, Patrícia Daniela Pereira; Mahood, Thomas H.; Falk, Landon; Day, Chelsea A.; Iwasiow, Barbara M.; Zhu, Fuqin; Mulhall, Drew; Fraser, Carly; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Keijzer, RichardArticleRestricted access (Author)
28-Jul-2017A new methodology for assessment of pectus excavatum correction after bar removal in Nuss procedure: preliminary studyFonseca, João Luís Gomes; Vilaça, João Luis Araújo Martins; Henriques-Coelho, Tiago; Direito-Santos, Bruno; Pinho, António C.M.; Fonseca, Jaime C.; Correia-Pinto, JorgeArticleOpen access
Sep-2018Preliminary assessment of a dry-lab model for laparoscopic percutaneous inguinal ring suture trainingCoelho, Ana; Mendes, Luís; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Pinto, João MoreiraArticleRestricted access (Author)
Jul-2018Serological inflammatory factors as biomarkers for anatomic response in diabetic macular edema treated with anti-VEGFBrito, Pedro; Costa, Jorge; Gomes, Nuno; Costa, Sandra; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Silva, RufinoArticleOpen access
7-Jan-2017Anatomic Thoracoscopic Repair of Esophageal AtresiaFonte, Joana; Barroso, Catarina; Lamas-Pinheiro, Ruben; Silva, Ana R.; Correia-Pinto, JorgeArticleOpen access
27-Mar-2017Canonical sonic Hedgehog signaling in early lung developmentSilva, Hugo Miguel Fernandes; Correia-Pinto, Jorge; Moura, Rute S.ArticleOpen access
1-Dec-2017Ultrasound-guided dissection and ligation of the internal inguinal ring for hernia repair in pediatrics: an experimental animal studyReino-Pires, Pedro; Pêgo, José M.; Miranda, Alice Augusta Macedo; Barroso, Catarina; España, Margarida; Correia-Pinto, JorgeArticleOpen access