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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
20-Jul-2014Selective impact of Tau loss on nociceptive primary afferents and pain sensationSotiropoulos, I.; Lopes, André T.; Pinto, Vítor; Lopes, Sofia; Carlos, Sara; Silva, Sara Carina Duarte; Carvalho, Andreia Alexandra Neves de; Ribeiro, Filipa Pinto; Pinheiro, Sara; Fernandes, Rui; Almeida, Armando; Sousa, Nuno; Almeida, Hugo LeiteArticleOpen access
2014A role of supraspinal galanin in behavioural hyperalgesia in the ratAmorim, Diana; Pereira, Ana David; Marques, Patrícia; Puga, Sónia Andreia Silva; Rebelo, Patrícia; Costa, Patrício Soares; Pertovaara, Antti; Almeida, Armando; Ribeiro, Filipa PintoArticleOpen access
2012Risk factors for persistent postsurgical pain in women undergoing hysterectomy due to benign causes: a prospective predictive studyPinto, Patrícia; Mcintyre, Maria Teresa Pereira Coelho Mendonça; Silva, Cristina Nogueira; Almeida, Armando; Soares, Vera AraújoArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2013Pre- and post-surgical factors that predict the provision of rescue analgesia following hysterectomyPinto, Patrícia; McIntyre, Teresa; Fonseca, C.; Almeida, Armando; Soares, Vera AraújoArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2003Brain afferents to the lateral caudal ventrolateral medulla : a retrograde and anterograde tracing study in the ratCobos, Angeles; Lima, Deolinda; Almeida, Armando; Tavares, IsauraArticleOpen access
Jun-2004Intraepithelial nerve fibers project into the lumen of the larynxRodrigues, Manuel Lima; Nunes, Rui; Almeida, ArmandoArticleOpen access
2010Effectiveness of the association between carbamazepine and peripheral analgesic block with ropivacaine for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgiaLemos, Laurinda; Fontes, Ramalho; Flores, Sara; Oliveira, Pedro; Almeida, ArmandoArticleOpen access
4-Mar-2008Influence of arthritis on descending modulation of nociception from the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamusRibeiro, Filipa Pinto; Ansah, Osei B.; Almeida, Armando; Pertovaara, AnttiArticleOpen access
2010Influence of amygdaloid glutamatergic receptors on sensory and emotional pain-related behavior in the neuropathic ratAnsah, Osei B.; Bourbia, Nora; Gonçalves, Leonor; Almeida, Armando; Pertovaara, AnttiArticleOpen access
2006Medullary control of nociceptive transmission: reciprocal dual communication with the spinal cordAlmeida, Armando; Almeida, Hugo Leite; Tavares, IsauraArticleOpen access