ICVS - Teses de Doutoramento : [72] Statistics

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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
24-Feb-2015Exploring the secretome of mesenchymal like stem cells for central nervous system regenerative medicine: a focus on Parkinson's diseaseMarques, Ana de Oliveira Resende PiresdoctoralThesisrestrict access (3 Years)
30-Jan-2015Modulation of the secretome of mesenchymal stem cells for central nervous system regenerative medicine applicationsTeixeira, FábiodoctoralThesisrestrict access (2 Years)
28-Jan-2015Rat models of Parkinson's disease: insights into the treatment of refractory symptomsCampos, Filipa Alexandra Lopes dedoctoralThesisrestrict access
9-Dec-2014From Parkinson’s disease to dopamine dysregulation syndrome and impulse control disorders: the balance of dopamine in brain function and behaviorCarvalho, Miguel M.doctoralThesisrestrict access
28-Jul-2014A multimodal neuroimaging approach to the interplay between stress and agingSoares, José MigueldoctoralThesisopen access
9-Dec-2014Needle-knife fistulotomy in deep biliary cannulationLopes, LuísdoctoralThesisopen access
18-Dec-2014Regulatory CD4⁺ T cells in the immune reconstitution of HIV-infected individualsHorta, Ana Maria Lacerda Morgado Fernandes de Carvalho de AboimdoctoralThesisopen access
16-Dec-2014Pronociception in experimental monoarthritis: the role of galanin in descending pathwaysAmorim, DianadoctoralThesisrestrict access (1 Year)
16-Dec-2014The impact of chronic stress on the cardiovascular systemPereira, Vitor H.doctoralThesisrestrict access
6-Oct-2014Dissecting the crosstalk between stress, depression and obesityAslani, ShilandoctoralThesisrestrict access
1-Dec-2014When gaining is loosing : insights into the function of ataxin-3 and its perturbation in the context of Machado-Joseph diseaseCarvalho, Andreia Alexandra Neves dedoctoralThesisrestrict access (3 Years)
23-Jun-2014Fabry disease : novel insights into secondary lipid alterations and invariant Natural Killer T cell deficiencyQuinta, Rui Jorge Azevedo Lamela dadoctoralThesisrestrict access
11-Jul-2014Biobehavioural mechanisms of feeding behaviour: associative learning, hedonic preference and motivationHarb, Mazen RaymonddoctoralThesisopen access
24-Mar-2014Vírus herpes-γ e polimorfismos dos sistemas de processamento antigénico : importância na oncogénese e no prognóstico dos linfomas de células BMarques, HerlanderdoctoralThesisrestrict access
10-Apr-2014Hybrid thoracic NOTES : a translational research projectPinto, João MoreiradoctoralThesisopen access
Oct-2014Molecular cytopathogenesis induced by the Mycobacterium ulcerans toxin, mycolactoneGama, José B.doctoralThesisrestrict access
17-Dec-2013Role of Monocarboxylate transporter in lung development and lung cancerGranja, Sara CostadoctoralThesisrestrict access (3 Years)
8-Nov-2013Influence of the variability of Mycobacterium tuberculosis strains on the host immune responseCarmona, J. A.doctoralThesisrestrict access
20-Dec-2013Unraveling the biological role of neudesin, a novel neurotrophic factorNovais, Ashley da CruzdoctoralThesisrestrict access (3 Years)
26-Nov-2013Paracoccidioides brasiliensis : virulence factors and host susceptibilityMenino, João F.doctoralThesisopen access