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TitleBuilding a robot to use in school: teachers and students learning together
Author(s)Ribeiro, António Fernando
KeywordsBuilding robots
Learning science
Issue date2008
PublisherHands-on Science Network (HSCI)
CitationCOSTA, Manuel F. M., ed. lit. – “Formal and informal science education : proceedings of the International Conference on Hands-on Science (HSCI 2008), 5, Olinda-Recife, Brazil, 2008”. [S.l.] : H-Sci, cop. 2008. ISBN 978-989-95095-3-5.
Abstract(s)Robotics is becoming extremely popular amongst the youngsters, because it is fun, you can practice with hands-on and above all you get real results. Since most students have to develop practical works in their schools, robotics works are becoming very popular. But robotic is a multidisciplinary area of knowledge and therefore the school teachers might not have the know-how in all required fields. The Robotics Group at University of Minho (Guimarães, Portugal), created a new robotics event called RoboParty© where they actually build robots from scratch (mechanics, electronics, programming, etc.) in 3 days (24 hours a day) supervised continuously by experts on the various fields. At the end, they take the robot home with them and they can continue using and improving it later on.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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