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TítuloBioDR : semantic indexing networks for biomedical document retrieval
Autor(es)Lourenço, Anália
Carreira, Rafael
Glez-Peña, Daniel
Méndez, José R.
Carneiro, S.
Rocha, Luís M.
Díaz, Fernando
Ferreira, E. C.
Rocha, I.
Fdez-Riverola, Florentino
Rocha, Miguel
Palavras-chaveBiomedical document retrieval
Document relevance
Enhanced Instance Retrieval Network
Named entity recognition
Semantic indexing document network
EditoraElsevier Ltd.
RevistaExpert Systems with Applications
Citação"Expert Systems with Applications". ISSN 0957-4174. 37:4 (Apr. 2010) 3444-3453.
Resumo(s)In Biomedical research, retrieving documents that match an interesting query is a task performed quite frequently. Typically, the set of obtained results is extensive containing many non-interesting documents and consists in a flat list, i.e., not organized or indexed in any way. This work proposes BioDR, a novel approach that allows the semantic indexing of the results of a query, by identifying relevant terms in the documents. These terms emerge from a process of Named Entity Recognition that annotates occurrences of biological terms (e.g. genes or proteins) in abstracts or full-texts. The system is based on a learning process that builds an Enhanced Instance Retrieval Network (EIRN) from a set of manually classified documents, regarding their relevance to a given problem. The resulting EIRN implements the semantic indexing of documents and terms, allowing for enhanced navigation and visualization tools, as well as the assessment of relevance for new documents.
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