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TitleMass calibration and Relative Humidity compensation requirements for optical portable particulate matter monitors : the IMPASHS (Impact of smoke-free policies in EU Member States) WP2 preliminary results
Author(s)Ruprecht, Ario A.
De Marco, Cinzia
Boffi, Roberto
Mazza, Roberto
Lopez, Maria José
Moshammer, Hanns
Dautzenberg, Bertrand
Clancy, Luke
Precioso, José
Invernizzi, Giovanny
Second-hand smoke
Issue date2011
PublisherLippincott, Williams & Wilkins
Abstract(s)Better knowledge of particulate matter (PM) concentrations needs portable, reliable, user friendly, low cost, real time mass analyzers of PM2.5 and PM10. Optical Particle Counters (OPC) measuring mass have manufacturer calibration specific gravity “K” factor referred to polystyrene latex particles which are completely different than those of the real world, therefore they require specific calibrations. Measurements are also subject to Relative Humidity (RH) heavy interference.
AccessOpen access
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