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TitleGovernance and the European Education Area : regulating education and visions for the ‘Europe’ project
Author(s)Antunes, Fátima
Education policies
Bologna process
European Education Area
Issue date2009
CitationANTUNES, Fátima - Governance and the European Education Area: regulating education and visions for the ‘Europe’ project. “RCCS Annual Review” [Em linha]. 0 (Set. 2009). [Consult. 13 Jan. 2010]. Disponível em WWW:<URL:>.
Abstract(s)The “indirect effects” of the dynamics of globalisation in the field of education are visible both in the changes in the process of designing education policies and in the econfiguration of education governance. Thus, where the Bologna Process is concerned, what seems to be on the agenda is a convergence with the model of market regulation, through the creation of mechanisms and bodies such as quality assurance and accreditation systems and agencies. In addition, the form of regulation determined by objectives represents a decisive development in processes of management of social and educational change in different sectors of education systems. The flagship-project of constructing a European Education Area and the lifelong learning paradigm appear to partake of the new legitimising myths that derive from the desire to envelop in the same sweep the planning of the physical, social and symbolic territory and the creation of subjects.
AccessOpen access
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