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TitlePodcasts in higher education : students’ and lecturers’ perspectives
Author(s)Carvalho, Ana Amélia Amorim
Aguiar, Cristina
Santos, Henrique Dinis dos
Oliveira, Lia Raquel
Marques, Aldina
Maciel, Romana
Higher education
Students' reaction
Lectures' perceptions
Lecturers’ reaction
Issue date2009
PublisherInternational Federation for Information Processing (IFIP)
JournalIfip Advances in Information and Communication Technology
CitationCARVALHO, Ana Amélia Amorim [et al.] - Podcasts in higher education : students’ and lecturers’ perspectives. In SANTOS, Elder Rizzon; MILETTO, Evandro Manara; TURCSANYI-SZABO, Marta, ed. lit. – “Education and technology for a better world : proceedings of the IFIP World Conference on Computers in Education (WCCE), 9, Bento Gonçalves, Brazil, 2009” [CD-ROM]. [S.l.] : IFIP, cop. 2009. ISBN 978-3-901882-35-7.
Abstract(s)This paper reports the use of podcasts in blended-learning at the University of Minho, in Portugal. Six lecturers created their own podcasts with different purposes in order to support their undergraduate and graduate courses and their students’ (n=318) learning. The reported study belongs to a broader project about the impact of podcasts in blended-learning and it reports data from two semesters. Results give evidence of students’ acceptance regarding podcasts although they do not yet make use of the advantages of media and mobile technologies. The lecturers considered podcasts worthwhile for teaching and for students to learn, but they are time-consuming and there is no institutional recognition. In spite of this, they intend to continue using podcasts in their courses.
TypeConference paper
AccessOpen access
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