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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2002Uma introdução às técnicas de avaliação multicritério para planejamento urbano, territorial e de transportesRamos, Rui A. R.; Rodrigues, Daniel SoutoWorking paperOpen access
2006An investigation of the relationship between counterfeiting and culture: evidence from the European UnionRibeiro, J. Cadima; Santos, J. FreitasWorking paperOpen access
2012Is technology factor-neutral? Evidence from the US manufacturing sectorMallick, Sushanta K.; Sousa, Ricardo M.Working paperOpen access
2007Is the ‘European Model’ viable in a globalized world?Bongardt, Annette; Torres, FranciscoWorking paperOpen access
2020Is there an “invisible hand” in the formula-based intergovernmental transfers in Nigeria?Taiwo, Kayode Olugbenga; Veiga, Linda GonçalvesWorking paperOpen access
2012Is there duration dependence in Portuguese local governments’ tenure?Castro, Vítor; Martins, RodrigoWorking paperRestricted access (UMinho)
1999Jornalismo: relatório do programa, conteúdo e métodos de ensino teórico e práticoPinto, ManuelWorking paperOpen access
2018Key determinants of elite rivalry: theoretical insights and empirical evidenceSochirca, Elena; Veiga, Francisco JoséWorking paperOpen access
1999Labor supply decisions of US physicians revisitedBotelho, Anabela; Kiker, B. F.Working paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2016Lazeres e saberes: Blogs e redes sociaisAndrade, Pedro José de OliveiraWorking paperOpen access
2016Lazeres e saberes: Jogos digitaisAndrade, Pedro José de OliveiraWorking paperOpen access
30-Nov-2006Legislative politics and sentencing policymaking : statutory Severity in the U.S. and western europeMendes, Silvia M.Working paperOpen access
2019Level leverage decisions and manager characteristicsCarvalho, Margarita Arantes Salgueiro de; Cerejeira, JoãoWorking paperOpen access
Apr-2013Linking appropriation of common resources and provision of public goods decreases rate of destruction of the commonsBotelho, Anabela; Dinar, Ariel; Pinto, Lígia, et al.Working paperOpen access
16-Aug-2007Living-arrangement and university decisions of Dutch young adultsSá, Carla Angélica da Silva Pinto de; Florax, Raymond; Rietveld, PietWorking paperOpen access
2003Local human capital externalities or sorting? evidence from a displaced workers sampleCerejeira, JoãoWorking paperOpen access
2019Local labor impact of wind energy investment: an analysis of Portuguese municipalitiesCosta, Hélia; Veiga, Linda GonçalvesWorking paperOpen access
2014Location of research-based spin-offs : how relevant are regional effects?Conceição, Oscarina; Faria, Ana Paula; Fontes, MargaridaWorking paperOpen access
2007The long road to EMU : the economic and political reasoning behind MaastrichtTorres, FranciscoWorking paperOpen access
27-Dec-2005Look what the cat dragged in : national responses to the EU packaging and packaging waste directiveTavares, António F.Working paperOpen access