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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
29-Aug-20143D modelling of electrostatic force distance curve between the AFM probe and dielectric surfaceBoularas, A.; Baudoin, F.; Teyssedre, Gilles, et al.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
20143D nonlinear analysis of a composite steel/concrete viaductPinheiro, Rui; Matos, José C.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
Jul-20183D printed ceramic vault shading systemsCarvalho, João; Figueiredo, Bruno; Cruz, Paulo J. S.Conference paperOpen access
2018A 3D printer of cement mortars based on initial deposition of dry materialsAzenha, Miguel; Monteiro, A. Caetano; Morais, RicardoConference paperOpen access
20193D printing as a design tool for wearables: case study of a printed gloveArruda, Luisa M.; Carvalho, HelderConference paperOpen access
19-Sep-20183D printing of high strength and multi-scaled fragmented structuresHünkar, Ertunç; Figueiredo, BrunoConference paperOpen access
20173D printing of polypropylene using the fused filament fabrication techniqueSilva, A. F.; Carneiro, O. S.; Gomes, R.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
Feb-20133D reconstruction of a spinal motion segment from 2D medical images: objective quantification of the geometric accuracy of the FE mesh generation procedureCortez, Sara Isabel Couto; Claro, José Carlos Pimenta; Alves, J. L.Conference paperOpen access
May-20153D reconstruction of bone structures based on planar radiographyCoelho, Ana Isabel Araújo; Ribeiro, João Pedro; Campos, Jaime, et al.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
20033D Skyview: a 3D GIS tool for urban canyon geometry and solar accessSouza, Léa Cristina Lucas; Rodrigues, Daniel Souto; Mendes, José F. G.Conference paperOpen access
May-2003A 3D-gis extensionf for sky view factors assessment in urban environmentSouza, Léa Cristina Lucas; Rodrigues, Daniel Souto; Mendes, José F. G.Conference paperOpen access
12-Jan-20073D-mappings and their approximations by series of powers of a small parameterCruz, J. F.; Falcão, M. I.; Malonek, H. R.Conference paperOpen access
Sep-2003The 3dskyview extension: an urban geometry access tool in a geographical information systemSouza, Léa Cristina Lucas; Rodrigues, Daniel Souto; Mendes, José F. G.Conference paperOpen access
201540 anos de Educação, 1975-2015, na UMinho: revisitar o passado para compreender o presente e projetar o futuroSilva, Bento Duarte daConference paperOpen access
2010433 MHz implantable wireless stimulation of spinal nervesCarmo, João Paulo Pereira; Ribeiro, J. C.; Ribeiro, J. F., et al.Conference paperOpen access
Dec-20134D+SNN: a spatio-temporal density-based clustering approach with 4D similarityOliveira, João Ricardo Leite Mota; Santos, Maribel Yasmina; Pires, João MouraConference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
20085-Arylazo-2,2´-bithiophenes: a novel promising series of NLO chromophoresRaposo, M. Manuela M.; Ferreira, Ana M. P. F.; Belsley, M., et al.Conference paperOpen access
20055.7 GHz on-chip antenna/RF CMOS transceiver for wireless sensors networkCarmo, João Paulo Pereira; Mendes, P. M.; Couto, Carlos, et al.Conference paperOpen access
201560 GHz on-chip antenna array with efficiency improvement using 3D microfabrication technologyZamith, M.; Magalhaes, J.; Anacleto, Pedro Alexandre Marques, et al.Conference paperOpen access
20156th-order finite volume approximation for the steady-state burger and euler equations: the mood approachMachado, Gaspar J.; Clain, Stéphane; Loubère, R., et al.Conference paperOpen access