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2012Cajón del Maipo Geopark project: preliminary studyBenado, José; Schilling, Manuel; Brilha, J. B.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
Set-2012A calcium phosphate coated biphasic scaffold for periodontal complex regenerationVaquette, C.; Costa, P. F.; Hamlet, S., et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
Set-2015Calcium phosphates-based biomaterials with Sr- and Zn-dopants for osteochondral tissue engineeringPina, S.; Oliveira, J. M.; Reis, R. L.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
1998Calibration of a simplified model describing an urban waste water treatment pilot plant based on N/D and BEPR criteriaGabriel, D.; Ferreira, E. C.; Valero, F., et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2010Calmodulin gene as good voucher as MALDI-TOF ICMS to identify portuguese isolates of aspergillus section flaviRodrigues, Paula; Santos, C.; Venâncio, Armando, et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
9-Ago-1998Calorimetric characterization of the surface properties of celluloseDourado, Fernando; Gama, F. M.; Mota, M.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2013Can a specific sub-group of biofilm- forming Gardnerella vaginalis strains be the real causative agent of bacterial vaginosis?Castro, Joana Isabel Reis; Machado, António; Alves, Patrícia Maria, et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2005Can a type strain mimic the behaviour of strains found in real systems?Simões, M.; Pereira, Maria Olívia; Vieira, M. J.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2012Can bacteriofages be effective in controlling harmful biofilms?Sillankorva, Sanna; Pires, Diana Priscila Penso; Melo, Luís D. R., et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
20-Nov-2017Can cooperation within the vaginal microbiome lead to the development of bacterial vaginosis?Castro, Joana Isabel Reis; Machado, Daniela; Cerca, NunoconferenceAbstractopenAccess
2014Can excessive wear of ceramic bearing couples be a consequence of hip squeaking?Askari, E.; Flores, Paulo; Dabirrahmani, D., et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2004Can studies of inhibition of adhesion by sub-mic concentrations of antibiotics predict the outcome in biofilm formation inhibition?Cerca, Nuno; Martins, Silvia; Pier, Gerald B., et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
16-Out-2014Cancer cells migration : a laser scanning confocal microscopy studyBotelho, C. M.; Marques, R.; Viruthachalam, T., et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2008Candida albicans and Candida dubliniensis cell-cell signaling : new players in morphogenesis and biofilm regulationMartins, M. I.; Henriques, Mariana; Azeredo, Joana, et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
11-Mai-2014Candida albicans and Candida glabrata sharing a live in vaginal environmentSilva, Sónia Carina; Alves, Carlos; Pereira, Leonel João Pais, et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2002Candida albicans enhanced phospholipase production after exposition to a static non-uniform magnetic fieldGasparetto, A.; Svidzinsky, T. E.; Paula, Claudete Rodrigues, et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
19-Abr-2008Candida albicans signalling alcohols as players of cellular cross-talk with Candida tropicalisMartins, Margarida Isabel Barros Coelho; Henriques, Mariana; Azeredo, Joana, et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
26-Jun-2016Candida albicans vulvovaginal biofilm response to progesterone: genes involvedGonçalves, Bruna Fernandes; Bernardo, Ruben; Can Wang, et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2013Candida bracarensis virulence factorsMoreira, António André de Sousa; Alves, Carlos; Silva, Sónia Carina, et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2010Candida glabrata and Candida albicans single and co-colonization of acrylic in presence of salivaAzeredo, Joana; Williams, D. W.; Oliveira, Rosário, et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess