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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Dec-2011Diversity of Botrytis cinerea from vineyards in the north west Iberian peninsulaMorales-Valle, H.; Paterson, R. R. M.; Venâncio, Armando, et al.AbstractOpen access
2018Diversity of endophytic fungi from guarana seeds (Paullinia cupana) cultivated in Amazonia, BrazilSilva, Blenda; Bentes, Jânia; Santos, Carla Isabel Arcanjo, et al.AbstractOpen access
2017Diversity of fungal endophytic community in Quercus suber L. and detection of opportunistic phytopathogenic fungiCosta, Daniela; Cunha, João; Tavares, R. M., et al.AbstractOpen access
2017Diversity of fungal endophytic community in Quercus suber L. under different climate scenariosCosta, Daniela; Miranda, Marcelo; Tavares, R. M., et al.AbstractOpen access
10-Dec-2015Diversity of non-clinical Acinetobacter species in a sub-saharan Africa region: evidence of carbapenem-hydrolysing class D-β-lactamase producersSilva, Liliana; Grosso, Filipa; Ribeiro, Teresa Gonçalves, et al.AbstractOpen access
2015A dividir se multiplica ciênciaForjaz, Maria Antónia; Almeida Aguiar, Cristina; Almeida, M. J., et al.AbstractRestricted access (Author)
2012A divulgação da geodiversidade da cidade de Salvador (Bahia, Brasil) como ferramenta para a educação em geociênciasPinto, A. B. C.; Rios, D. C.; Brilha, J. B.AbstractOpen access
2010A DNA barcode library for marine fish of Portugal : first hundred speciesLandi, Monica; Martins, R.; Costa, M. E., et al.AbstractRestricted access (UMinho)
2011A DNA barcode reference library for marine fish of Portugal : design and annotationCosta, Filipe O.; Landi, Monica; Martins, R., et al.AbstractRestricted access (UMinho)
2016A DNA barcode reference library for the superorder Peracarida (Crustacea) from the Southern European Atlantic coastVieira, Pedro E.; Gomes, Nuno; Lobo, Jorge, et al.AbstractOpen access
Apr-2011DNA damage prevention and signaling pathway regulation by sage in a colon cancer modelPedro, Dalila Fernanda Neto; Ramos, Alice A.; Lima, Cristóvão F., et al.AbstractOpen access
Jul-2012DNA fluorescence probes based on side-chain chlorinated benzo[a]phenoxazinium chloridesRaju, B. Rama; Firmino, A. D. G.; Gonçalves, M. Sameiro T., et al.AbstractOpen access
2014DNA goes to schoolAlmeida Aguiar, Cristina; Fernandes, João Gilberto; Fernandes, Maria Manuel, et al.AbstractOpen access
2016Do propósito de defesa tardo-medieval à monumentalização do séc. XX: a afirmação urbana do Paço Arquiepiscopal de BragaOliveira, Maria Manuel; Silva, João Pedro Costa PereiraAbstractOpen access
2010DODAB/Monoolein mixed cationic liposomes for gene delivery : investigation by DLS, DSC, fluorescence spectroscopy and phase scanning microscopyOliveira, I. M. S. C.; Silva, J. P. Neves; Feitosa, Eloi, et al.AbstractOpen access
17-Jul-2019DODAB:MO versus novel liposomes for protein delivery: comparing toxicity and encapsulation efficiencyPinho, Vanessa; Fernandes, Mário; Oliveira, Ana C. N., et al.AbstractOpen access
2013Does aquaculture of Mastocarpus stellatus in an IMTA impact on the chemical and rheological properties of extracted carrageenansHilliou, L.; Azevedo, Gabriela; Santos, Bernardo Domingues, et al.AbstractRestricted access (UMinho)
2012Does the riparian stand and age affect ecosystem functioning in streams?Carvalho, Francisco André Costa; Sahadevan, Seena; Pascoal, Cláudia, et al.AbstractOpen access
2014Domains of quality of life of WHOQOL-Bref in adults indivuduals with mood disorders and the general populationMacedo, Ermelinda; Nossa, Paulo Nuno Sousa; Ferreira, Patrício, et al.AbstractOpen access
Sep-2011Dor e sofrimento: continuidade e diferençasOliveira, Clara CostaAbstractOpen access