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2013Investment decisions under hidden competitionPereira, Paulo Jorge; Armada, Manuel José da RochaarticlerestrictedAccess
2012Investment in emerging market economiesPeltonen, Tuomas; Sousa, Ricardo M.; Vansteenkiste, IsabelarticlerestrictedAccess
2014Investments analysis and decision making: valuing R&D project portfolios using the PROV exponential decision methodRocha, António Miguel Sousa; Tereso, Anabela Pereira; Cunha, Jorge, et al.articleopenAccess
Mai-2006A invisibilidade da prática de enfermagem e a face qualificante do hospitalMagalhães, Maria Manuela AlmendraarticleopenAccess
Mai-2008Involvement of carbon dioxide in the aerobic biodegradation of ethylene oxide, ethene, and vinyl chlorideDanko, Anthony S.; Freedman, David L.articleopenAccess
Mai-2006Involvement of coenzyme M during aerobic biodegradation of vinyl chloride and ethene by Pseudomonas putida strain AJ and Ochrobactrum sp. strain TDDanko, Anthony S.; Saski, Christopher A.; Tomkins, Jeffrey P., et al.articleopenAccess
Set-2007The involvement of physico-chemical interactions in the adhesion of Candida albicans and Candida dubliniensis to epithelial cellsHenriques, Mariana; Azeredo, Joana; Oliveira, RosárioarticleopenAccess
2012Involvement of signaling molecules in the prediction of response to imatinib treatment in metastatic GIST patientsValadão, Marcus; Braggio, Danielle; Santos, Anna Flávia, et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2013Involvement of yeast HSP90 isoforms in response to stress and cell death induced by acetic acidSilva, Maria Alexandra; Marques, Belém Sampaio; Fernandes, Ângela Margarida Oliveira, et al.articleopenAccess
Jan-2016In vitro behaviour of curcumin nanoemulsions stabilized by biopolymer emulsifiers: Effect of interfacial compositionPinheiro, A. C.; Coimbra, Manuel A.; Vicente, A. A.articleopenAccess
Ago-2016In vitro exposure of Ulva lactuca Linnaeus (Chlorophyta) to gasoline: biochemical and morphological alterationsPilatti, Fernanda Kokowicz; Ramlov, Fernanda; Schmidt, Eder Carlos, et al.articleopenAccess
4-Set-2013Influence of RF-sputtering power on formation of vertically stacked Si1−xGex nanocrystals between ultra-thin amorphous Al2O3 layers: structural and photoluminescence propertiesVieira, E. M. F.; Martín-Sánchez, J.; Roldan, M. A., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2014iOD907, the first genome-scale metabolic model for the milk yeast Kluyveromyces lactisDias, Oscar; Pereira, R. M.; Gombert, Andreas Karoly, et al.articleopenAccess
Fev-2013Iodine increases and predicts incidence of thyroiditis in NOD mice : histopathological and ultrastructural studyVecchiatt, Stella Maria Pedrossian; Guzzo, Maria Luisa; Caldini, Elia Garcia, et al.articleopenAccess
18-Jun-2016Ion conducting and paramagnetic d-PCL(530)/siloxane-based biohybrids doped with Mn 2+ ionsPereira, Rui Francisco Gonçalves Pinto Fernandes; Donoso, J. P.; Magon, C. J., et al.articleopenAccess
2015Ion exchange dependent electroactive phase content and electrical properties of poly(vinylidene fluoride)/Na(M)Y compositesLopes, A. C.; Neves, I. C.; Lanceros-Méndez, S.articlerestrictedAccess
22-Mai-2012Ionic liquids as foaming agents of semi-crystalline natural-based polymersDuarte, Ana Rita C.; Silva, Simone Santos; Mano, J. F., et al.articleopenAccess
2016Ionic liquids for the electroreductive radical cyclization of unsaturated bromo derivatives catalyzed by nickel(II) complexesNeto, M. J.; Duñach, E.; Esperança, J. M. S. S., et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2017Ionic liquids in the processing and chemical modification of chitin and chitosan for biomedical applicationsSilva, Simone Santos; Mano, J. F.; Reis, R. L.articlerestrictedAccess
2015Ionic, paramagnetic and photophysical properties of a new biohybrid material incorporating copper perchlorateLeones, Rita Daniela Barros; Donoso, J. P.; Magon, C. J., et al.articlerestrictedAccess