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23-Mar-2018Alternative patulin pathway unprovenPaterson, R. Russell M.; Soares, Célia; Ouhibi, Salma, et al.letterToEditoropenAccess
2012BIOHYBRID – Biohybrid templates for peripheral nerve regenerationGrothe, Claudia; Haastert-Talini, K.; Freier, T., et al.letterToEditoropenAccess
4-Nov-2017Brain MRI in a patient with classical galactosemia: acute event of unilateral hemispheric cerebral edemaOliveira, Tiago Gil; Soares-Fernandes, João PauloletterToEditoropenAccess
2015Characterization of a new genetic environment associated with GES-6 carbapenemase from a Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolate belonging to the high-risk clone ST235Botelho, J.; Grosso, F.; Sousa, Clara Cecília Santana, et al.letterToEditorrestrictedAccess
2015Comments to paper entitled "Predicting scleral GP lens entrapped tear layer oxygen tensions"Compañ-Moreno, V.; Aguilella-Arzo, Marcel; Montero, Alvaro E., et al.letterToEditoropenAccess
2018Current state and evolution of the tobacco epidemic in portuguese and european school-aged adolescents by sex, between the years 1998 and 2014Sousa, Isabel; Samorinha, Ana Catarina Carvalho; Precioso, JoséletterToEditorrestrictedAccess
2012Doctor’s perception on bacterial vaginosis in Portugal: prevalence, diagnostic methods and choice of treatmentHenriques, Ana Filipa Frutuoso Mendes; Oliveira, José Martinez de; Cerca, NunoletterToEditorrestrictedAccess
2011Effects of multiplicative power law neural noise in visual information processingMedina, José M.letterToEditorrestrictedAccess
2012Fungal mutants not solved by internal amplification controlsPaterson, R. R. M.letterToEditoropenAccess
2012Idh PCR not only for PenicilliumPaterson, R. R. M.letterToEditorrestrictedAccess
2012Impact of polymorphic variation at 7p15.3, 3p22.1 and 2p23.3 loci on risk of multiple myelomaReis, R. M.; Martino, Alessandro; Campa, Daniele, et al.letterToEditorrestrictedAccess
Set-2001Improving dimensional stability of cotton fabrics with cellulase enzymesPaulo, Artur CavacoletterToEditoropenAccess
2015Is “plausibility” a core feature of obsessions?Morgado, PedroletterToEditoropenAccess
Abr-2012Lactate-induced il-8 pathway in endothelial cells-letterPinheiro, Céline; Longatto Filho, Adhemar; Nogueira, Rosete, et al.letterToEditoropenAccess
3-Jul-2011Letter to the editorPaterson, R. R. M.letterToEditoropenAccess
2011Letter to the editor: comment on "Zearalenone occurrence and human exposure"Paterson, R. R. M.letterToEditoropenAccess
2015Lung transplant: complications and quality of lifeCardoso, A. V.; Bastos, Hélder Novais; Damas, C.letterToEditoropenAccess
Dez-2011Moderate physical exercise and quality of life in patients with treatment-resistant major depressive disorderMota-Pereira, Jorge; Carvalho, Serafim; Silvério, Jorge Manuel Amaral, et al.letterToEditorrestrictedAccess
2013Monoclonal antibody raised against PNAG has variable effects on static S. epidermidis biofilm accumulation in vitroFrança, Ângela Maria Oliveira Sousa; Vilanova, Manuel; Cerca, Nuno, et al.letterToEditoropenAccess
14-Mar-2016PillCam® SB3 capsule: does the increased frame rate eliminate the risk of missing lesions?Monteiro, Sara; Castro, Francisca Dias de; Carvalho, Pedro Boal, et al.letterToEditoropenAccess