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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2015Bilayered silk/silk-nanoCaP scaffolds for osteochondral tissue engineering: in vitro and In vivo assessment of biological performanceYan, Leping; Silva-Correia, Joana; Oliveira, Mariana B., et al.ArticleOpen access
2013Bioactive macro/micro porous silk fibroin/Nano-sized calcium phosphate scaffolds with potential for bone tissue engineering applicationsYan, Leping; Silva-Correia, Joana; Correia, C., et al.ArticleOpen access
Jan-2010Biomimetic Ca-P coatings Incorporating bisphosphonates produced on starch-based degradable biomaterialsOliveira, A. L.; Pedro, A. J.; Saiz-Arroyo, C., et al.ArticleOpen access
Sep-2012A calcium phosphate coated biphasic scaffold for periodontal complex regenerationVaquette, C.; Costa, P. F.; Hamlet, S., et al.AbstractOpen access
2012Characterization of intermediate stages in the precipitation of hydroxyapatite at 37°CCastro, Filipa; Ferreira, António; Rocha, F. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
2001Emulsion crosslinking as a new manufacturing route to produce hydroxylapatite particulates in a network of starchMalafaya, P. B.; Stappers, Frank; Reis, R. L.ArticleOpen access
2014Human mesenchymal stem cells response to multi-doped silicon-strontium calcium phosphate coatingsRodríguez-Valencia, Cosme; Pereiro, Iago; Pirraco, Rogério, et al.ArticleOpen access
2005Incorporation of proteins and enzymes at different stages of the preparation of calcium phosphate coatings on a degradable substrate by a biomimetic methodologyAzevedo, Helena S.; Leonor, I. B.; Alves, C. M., et al.ArticleOpen access
2006Incorporation of proteins with different isoelectric points into biomimetic Ca-P coatings : a new approach to produce hybrid coatings with tailored propertiesAzevedo, Helena S.; Leonor, I. B.; Reis, R. L.Conference paperOpen access
2009Nucleation and growth of biomimetic apatite layers on 3D plotted biodegradable polymeric scaffolds : effect of static and dynamic coating conditionsOliveira, A. L.; Costa, S. A.; Sousa, R. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
Oct-2007Strontium-substituted apatite coating grown on Ti6Al4V substrate through biomimetic synthesisOliveira, A. L.; Reis, R. L.; Li, P.ArticleOpen access