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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2016How special is self-voice perception? a behavioral studyCosta, Maria Angelina SenraMaster thesis Restricted access (UMinho)
2018Is a picture worth a thousand words?: priming effects on brand logo recognition and namingRodrigues, José Eduardo CarvalhoMaster thesis Open access
2019O papel da emocionalidade da informação na memória de destino: um estudo com frases positivas, negativas e neutrasHintze, Marina MoitaMaster thesis Open access
10-Sep-2006Recognition of protozoa and metazoa using image analysis tools, discriminant analysis and neural networkGinoris, Y. P.; Amaral, A. L.; Nicolau, Ana, et al.AbstractOpen access
Dec-2017Reconocimiento, reconciliación y reconstrucción cultural: la lucha por la tierra como reparación igualitariaÁlvarez Garcia, DavidBook partOpen access
2016The Finger-Knuckle-Print recognition using the kernel principal components analysis and the support vector machinesKhellat-Kihel, S.; Abrishambaf, Reza; Cabral, Jorge, et al.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2018The impact of institutional recognition on motivation, satisfaction, commitment and investment of volunteersGonçalves, Patrícia dos SantosMaster thesis Open access
2016The impact of word frequency in the production effectBorges, Marta Alexandra SousaMaster thesis Embargoed access (3 Years)
2018Wearable muscle force sensory system - MuscLabGuimarães, Ricardo Nuno SousaMaster thesis Open access