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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Jan-2018Mathematical model for primary production within the Portuguese coastal zonePinho, José L. S.; Neves, Diogo; Vieira, J.M.P.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
Sep-2008Mathematical modeling of recombinant Escherichia coli aerobic batch fermentationsCosta, Rafael S.; Rocha, I.; Ferreira, E. C.Conference paperOpen access
2007Mathematical modelling of salt water intrusion in a Northern Portuguese estuaryPinho, José L. S.; Vieira, J. M. PereiraConference paperOpen access
1999Mesh generation and refinement in 2D modelling. A case studyPinho, José L. S.; Duarte, António A. L. Sampaio; Vieira, J. M. PereiraBook partOpen access
2013Modelling inhibitory effects of long chain fatty acids in the anaerobic digestion processZonta, Z.; Alves, M. M.; Flotats, X., et al.ArticleOpen access
Nov-2007Modelling of biofilm growth on humic substancesMartins, Gilberto; Rodrigues, A. L.; Brito, A. G., et al.AbstractOpen access
2005Morphodynamics of the Cávado estuary inlet (NW Portugal)Loureiro, Eduardo; Granja, Helena Maria; Pinho, José L. S.Conference paperOpen access
2015Osciladores harmónicosFaria, Maria Madalena AzevedoMaster thesis Open access
Jul-2013Parameter estimation for eutrophication models in reservoirsVieira, J. M. Pereira; Pinho, José L. S.; Dias, N., et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
Sep-2014Performance assessment of different dam discharges schemes influencing river water qualityPinho, José L. S.; Vieira, J. M. Pereira; Schwanenberg, D.Conference paperOpen access
1996River water quality management using mathematical modellingVieira, J. M. Pereira; Pinho, José L. S.; Duarte, António A. L. SampaioConference paperOpen access
Sep-2012Shape modeling of 3D knitted fabricsIonesi, Savin Dorin; Fangueiro, Raúl; Ciobanu, Luminita, et al.Conference paperRestricted access (UMinho)
2012Warehouse design and planning: A mathematical programming approachGeraldes, Carla A. S.; Carvalho, Maria Sameiro; Pereira, GuilhermeConference paperOpen access
Jan-2012Warehouse design and product assignment and allocation: A mathematical programming modelGeraldes, Carla A. S.; Carvalho, Maria Sameiro; Pereira, GuilhermeConference paperOpen access
2014Wave hydrodynamics in coastal stretches influenced by detached breakwatersVieira, Bárbara Filipa VasquezMaster thesis Open access