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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2009Oficina 7 - Pão com IdeiasNobre, AlexandraBook partRestricted access (Author)
2008Optics and pool : play the gameCosta, Manuel F. M.; Lima, C. F. S.Book partOpen access
Jul-2017Positive APPtidude: from social entrepreneurship to ICT programmingCosta, Manuel F. M.; Martins, V. MoreiraConference paperOpen access
Dec-2017PrefaceCosta, Manuel F. M.PrefaceOpen access
2014Pri-Sci-Net: 45 atividades IBSE de aprendizagem das ciências para crianças dos 3 aos 11 anosCosta, Manuel F. M., ed. lit.BookOpen access
Nov-2011Recursos dispoñibles e modalidades de emprego das actividades manipulativas na físicaVazquez-Dorrio, José B.; Blanco-García, Jesús; Costa, Manuel F. M.Conference paperOpen access
2012A Robotic Irrigation System: motivating basic school students to scienceEsteves, Zita; Costa, Manuel F. M.Conference paperOpen access
Jul-2016Robotics and entrepreneurship for a better society: opening doors to mobilityMartins, V.; Resende, A.; Mateus, V., et al.Book partOpen access
Jul-2017Robotics demonstration with the Lego EV3 equipmentSilva, J. A.; Alves, R. J.; Almeida, N., et al.AbstractOpen access
2008Science Fairs as an Annual Students ProjectCosta, Manuel F. M.; Esteves, Z.Book partOpen access
2010Science fairs as learning toolsEsteves, Zita; Costa, Manuel F. M.; Vazquez-Dorrio, J. BenitoArticleOpen access
2013Statistical analysis on three hands-on science national science fairs in PortugalEsteves, Zita; Costa, Manuel F. M.ArticleOpen access
2008A Study of educational robotics in elementary schoolsCosta, Manuel F. M.; Ribeiro, C.; Coutinho, C., et al.Book partOpen access
Jul-2010Summer on campus - learning robotics with funRibeiro, António Fernando; Lopes, GilConference paperOpen access
2017Teacher training on the implementation of science research projects in classroom contextCosta, Manuel F. M.; Esteves, Z.Book partOpen access