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2016Improving acoustic streaming effects in fluidic systems by matching SU-8 and polydimethylsiloxane layersCatarino, Susana Oliveira; Minas, Graça; Miranda, J. M.articleclosedAccess
2011Improving diagnosis processes through multidimensional analysis in medical institutionsBelo, OrlandoconferencePaperclosedAccess
Out-2016Improving the enhanced cognitive interview with a new interview strategy: category clustering recallPaulo, Rui Miguel Medeiros; Albuquerque, Pedro Barbas; Bull, RayarticleclosedAccess
2007In memoriam: la macchina funeraria di Ferdinando Fuga a NapoliOliveira, Maria ManuelarticleclosedAccess
Mai-2014(In) The invention of Brasília: modelling the groundOliveira, Maria ManuelconferenceAbstractclosedAccess
2018A (in)visibilidade das crianças na violência doméstica em PortugalTomás, Catarina; Fernandes, Natália; Sani, Ana Isabel Martins, et al.articleclosedAccess
2018Inception and specification of what-if scenarios using OLAP usage preferencesCarvalho, Mariana; Belo, OrlandoconferencePaperclosedAccess
2017Including externalities in the costs analysis of bus fleet: a case studyEmiliano, William; Ferreira, Paula Varandas; Afonso, Paulo, et al.conferencePaperclosedAccess
Set-2017Incomplete cooperation and co-benefits: deepening climate cooperation with a proliferation of small agreementsHannam, Phillip M.; Vasconcelos, Vitor V.; Levin, Simon A., et al.articleclosedAccess
2016Incorporating economic issues in the design of sustainable DRT systems: insights from the case of a Portuguese municipalityAfonso, Paulo; Telhada, José; Carvalho, Maria SameiroconferencePaperclosedAccess
2018Incorporation of metallurgical wastes as inorganic fillers in resinsOliveira, Ana; Martins, Carla I.; Castro, FernandoconferencePaperclosedAccess
2015Industrial controlling process using the remote industrial automation trainer PAIRSilva, M.; Pereira, F.; Soares, Filomena, et al.conferencePaperclosedAccess
Nov-2016Infants’ style of emotion regulation with their mothers and fathers: concordance between parents and the contribution of father–infant interaction qualityMartins, Eva Costa; Soares, Isabel; Martins, C., et al.articleclosedAccess
2016Infância de Camilo Castelo Branco (1825-1836): roteiro literárioBraga, João Paulo; Oliveira, José Manuel de; Sousa, Sérgio Guimarães debookPartclosedAccess
2015Influence of constituent yarn systems on the moisture management performance of terry fabricsFerreira, A.; Cruz, Juliana; Fangueiro, Raúl, et al.conferencePaperclosedAccess
Abr-2017Influence of contact lenses power on Young's modulusTeixeira, Cátia; Lira, Madalena; Ferreira, Armando José BarrosconferencePosterclosedAccess
2016Influence of dynamic crosslinking on the morphology, crystallization, and dynamic mechanical properties of PA6,12/EVA blendsBondan, Fabrício; Ernzen, Juliano Roberto; Amalvy, Javier, et al.articleclosedAccess
2019Influence of intrinsic spin in the formation of singularities for inhomogeneous effective dust space-timesLuz, Paulo; Mena, Filipe C.; Ziaie, Amir HadiarticleclosedAccess
Abr-2017Influence of lens wear on equilibrium water content of daily disposable contact lensesPereira, Eduardo Jorge Silvestre Ínsua; Lira, MadalenaconferencePosterclosedAccess
Jun-2016Influence of the salt crystallization in the durability of granites used in vernacular masonry buildingsMartins, Lurdes; Vasconcelos, Graça; Lourenço, Paulo B., et al.conferencePaperclosedAccess