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2014Higher education, stakeholders and collaborative work for entrepreneurial learningMarques, Ana Paula; Moreira, Rita; Ramos, Sandra Patrícia RegoconferencePaperopenAccess
2017Human resources selection in business processes supported by BPMS: optimizing work performanceUahi, Robbie; Pereira, José LuísconferencePaperclosedAccess
Jul-2007Information technologies for the information agentMagalhães, Paulo Sérgio Tenreiro; Santos, Henrique Dinis dos; Santos, Leonel Duarte dos, et al.conferencePaperopenAccess
2014Innovation and sustainability in the social economy : a case study of organizational change of a social Portuguese organizationBarbosa, Fernando de Oliveira; Romero, FernandoconferencePaperopenAccess
Set-2012Innovation on decentralised power production : the sustainability of micro-cogeneration for the portuguese marketFerreira, Ana C. M.; Nunes, Manuel L.; Martins, Luís Barreiros, et al.conferencePaperrestrictedAccess
2013Institutional support program for entrepreneurship : the experience of the University of MinhoRodrigues, Cristina S.; Vieira, Filipa DionísioconferencePaperopenAccess
2006An international governmental mailing system : a requirement to prevent web-enhanced terrorismMagalhães, Paulo Sérgio Tenreiro; Santos, Henrique Dinis dos; Nunes, Paulo ViegasconferencePaperopenAccess
Set-2014Knowledge transmission channels : a comparative study in Brazil and in EuropeSohn, Ana Paula Lisboa; Vieira, Filipa Dionísio; Cunha, Idaulo José, et al.conferencePaperopenAccess
2016Leadership in business-IT alignment: implications of generation gapsBelfo, Fernando; Sousa, Rui DinisconferencePaperopenAccess
2012Looking at the past to enrich the future: a reflection on Klein and Myers’ quality criteria for interpretive researchCardoso, Ana Cristina Henriques; Ramos, IsabelarticleopenAccess
2011Moodle and affective computing : knowing who´s on the other sideRodrigues, Manuel; Fdez-Riverola, Florentino; Novais, PauloconferencePaperopenAccess
2012Non-technological innovation: current issues and perspectivesPereira, Cristina; Romero, FernandoconferencePaperopenAccess
2014Open educational resources : higher education students’ knowledge and useAlves, Paulo; Miranda, Luisa; Morais, CarlosconferencePaperopenAccess
Jul-2015Quantitative analysis of PIN choices: a contribution to the establishment of authentication requirementsCarvalho, José Carlos; Magalhães, Maria José; Sá, Vítor J., et al.conferencePaperopenAccess
Out-2013Signature based credentials, an alternative method for validating student access in eLearning systemsBelo, O.; Monsanto, Paulo; Lourenço, Anália Maria GarciaconferencePaperrestrictedAccess
1-Jan-2016Social Network Analysis and the Study of University Industry RelationsRomero, Fernando; Costa, EricconferencePaperopenAccess
2014Strategy, innovation and internationalization in SMEs : the implementation issueBarbosa, Fernando de Oliveira; Romero, FernandoconferencePaperopenAccess
2015A study on the performance of technology transfer unitsRomero, Fernando; Rocha, António Miguel SousaconferencePaperopenAccess
1-Jan-2016The Links Between Innovation, Strategy and Internationalization Processes: A Comprehensive Literature ReviewBarbosa, Fernando; Romero, FernandoconferencePaperopenAccess
2017The transformation of university: an assessment of the literatureRomero, FernandoconferencePaperclosedAccess