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20172 - Nanostructured biobased systems for nutrient and bioactive compounds deliveryCerqueira, Miguel Ângelo Parente Ribeiro; Pinheiro, Ana Cristina; Carmo, Cátia V. S., et al.bookPartrestrictedAccess
2018Bio-based nanocomposites for food packaging and their effect in food quality and safetyRamos, Óscar L.; Pereira, Ricardo Nuno Correia; Cerqueira, Miguel Ângelo Parente Ribeiro, et al.bookPartrestrictedAccess
Ago-2016Bioengineered strategies for tendon regenerationGonçalves, Ana Isabel Silva; Rodrigues, Márcia T.; Reis, R. L., et al.bookPartrestrictedAccess
1996Carbon formation and CO methanation on silica-supported nickel and nickel–copper catalysts in CO + H2 mixturesTavares, M. T.; Alstrup, I.; Bernardo, C. A., et al.articleopenAccess
2016Chapter 18 - Gliadins in foods and the electronic tongueVeloso, Ana C. A.; Dias, Luís G.; Rodrigues, L. R., et al.bookPartclosedAccess
2004Comparison of biological toxicity of azo- and anthraquinone dyes using various ecotoxicity testsNovotný, Cenek; Dias, Nicolina; Kapanen, Anu, et al.conferenceAbstractopenAccess
2014Corrigendum to ‘‘Cre-loxP-based system for removal and reuse of selection markers in Ashbya gossypii targeted engineering’’ [Fungal Genet. Biol. 68 (2014) 1–8]Aguiar, Tatiana Quinta; Dinis, Cláudia; Domingues, LucíliacorrigendumopenAccess
2014Cre-loxP-based system for removal and reuse of selection markers in Ashbya gossypii targeted engineeringAguiar, Tatiana Quinta; Dinis, Cláudia; Domingues, LucíliaarticleopenAccess
2008Detection and determination of ochratoxin A in grape productsVenâncio, ArmandobookPartrestrictedAccess
Fev-2016Detection of foodborne pathogens using nanoparticles. Advantages and trendsPrado, M.; Espiña, B.; Fernandez-Argüelles, M. T., et al.bookPartrestrictedAccess
2010Direct fibre simulation of carbon nanofibres suspensions in a newtonian fluid under simple shearYamato, Masayuki; Leer, C.; Hattum, F. W. J. van, et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2017Disentangling the effects of word frequency and contextual diversity on serial recall performanceParmentier, Fabrice B. R; Comesaña, Montserrat; Soares, Ana PaulaarticleclosedAccess
2015Does homework design matter? The role of homework's purpose in student mathematics achievementRosário, Pedro; Nunez, Jose Carlos; Vallejo, Guillermo, et al.articlerestrictedAccess
7-Ago-2015Evolutionary dynamics of group fairnessSantos, Fernando P.; Santos, Francisco C.; Paiva, Ana, et al.articlerestrictedAccess
2012Exploring the gap between dynamic and constraint-based models of metabolismMachado, C. D.; Costa, Rafael S.; Ferreira, E. C., et al.articleopenAccess
2004Genomic structure, promoter activity, and developmental expression of the mouse homologue of the Machado–Joseph disease (MJD) geneCosta, Maria do Carmo; Silva, Joana Gomes da; Miranda, Carlos J., et al.articleopenAccess
2012Global dynamics in a stage-structured discrete-time population model with harvestingLiz, Eduardo; Pilarczyk, PawelarticlerestrictedAccess
1-Jun-2017How do physicochemical properties influence the toxicity of silver nanoparticles on freshwater decomposers of plant litter in streams?Batista, Daniela; Pascoal, Cláudia; Cássio, FernandaarticlerestrictedAccess
2014Hybrid carrageenans : isolation, chemical structure, and gel propertiesHilliou, L.bookPartrestrictedAccess
2017Integration of biomass formulations of genome-scale metabolic models with experimental data reveals universally essential cofactors in prokaryotesXavier, Joana Rute Calça; Patil, Kiran Raosaheb; Rocha, IsabelarticleopenAccess