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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2010A classification model for prediction of certification motivations from the contents of ISO 9001 audit reportsSampaio, Paulo; Saraiva, Pedro; Rodrigues, António GuimarãesArticleRestricted access (Author)
27-Jun-2018Developing organisational learning through QC storySouza, Ronildo; Sousa, Sérgio; Nunes, Eusébio P.PreprintEmbargoed access (2 Years)
1-Jan-2010Development of a performance measurement framework for SMEsSousa, Sérgio; Aspinwall, ElaineArticleRestricted access (Author)
2014Different perspectives on management systems integrationAlmeida, João; Domingues, Pedro; Sampaio, PauloArticleOpen access
2013Food safety management system implementation and certification: survey resultsTeixeira, Sofia; Sampaio, PauloArticleOpen access
2014ISO 9001 European Scoreboard: an instrument to measure macroqualitySampaio, Paulo; Saraiva, Pedro Manuel Tavares Lopes de Andrade; Gomes, Ana Catarina RibeiroArticleOpen access
2017Operational excellence, organisational culture and agility: the missing link?Carvalho, André M.; Sampaio, Paulo; Rebentisch, Eric, et al.ArticleRestricted access (Author)
2005Performance measures and quality tools in Portuguese small and medium enterprises: Survey resultsSousa, S. D.; Aspinwall, E.; Sampaio, Paulo, et al.ArticleRestricted access (Author)
2014The path to excellence of the portuguese organizations recognized by the EFQM modelAraújo, Maria; Sampaio, PauloArticleOpen access