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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
11-Jan-2017Anal herpesGoulart, Andre; Pinto, José; Teixeira, Pedro Alexandre Leão Araújo GonçalvesOtherOpen access
6-Jan-2017Clinical examination and X-ray: an old approach to a current problemSilva, Patrícia; Teixeira, Pedro Alexandre Leão Araújo Gonçalves; Goulart, AndréOtherOpen access
19-Jun-2017Cytomegalovirus duodenitis in immunocompetent patients: what else should we look for?Costa, Dalila Amélia Amorim; Fernandes, Dália; Furtado, Antónia, et al.ArticleOpen access
2015Deep infiltrating endometriosis of the colon causing cyclic bleedingRibeiro, Cristina; Nogueira, Fernanda; Guerreiro, Sofia Cuco, et al.OtherOpen access
12-May-2018Dichorionic twins discordant for body-stalk anomaly: a management challengeCaldas, Rita; Rodrigues, Cátia; Pina, Carla, et al.ArticleRestricted access (Author)
22-Jan-2016Isolated right ventricular infarction: a diagnostic challengeVieira, Catarina; João, André Santa Cruz; Arantes, Carina, et al.ArticleOpen access
12-Dec-2017McSwain type V appendix intussusceptionSousa, Maria; Cotter, Jorge; Teixeira, Pedro Alexandre Leão Araújo GonçalvesArticleOpen access
2-Jan-2017Oesophageal presentation of Crohn's diseaseMonteiro, Sara; Moreira, Maria João; Ribeiro, José Manuel, et al.ArticleOpen access
2015Oral manifestations of Crohn's diseaseAntunes, Henedina; Patraquim, Cláudia; Baptista, Vera, et al.ArticleOpen access
26-Jan-2018Strangulated Spiegel's hernia mimicking ischaemic colitis: endoscopic diagnosis of a rare surgical emergencyCúrdia Gonçalves, Tiago; Monteiro, Sara; Marinho, Carla, et al.OtherOpen access
8-Sep-2014Submucosal lesion of the oesophagus: not everything is what it seemsCarvalho, Ana Raquel Franky Gomes; Rodrigues, Ana João; Sousa, Nuno, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
14-Dec-2016Vertical muscle transposition with silicone band belting in VI nerve palsyDourado Leite, Ricardo; Freitas, Cristina; Guimaraes, SandraArticleOpen access
2013What is in? pneumoperitoneum after sexual intercourseLeão, Pedro; Carvalho, Ana Raquel Franky Gomes; Torrão, Helena, et al.OtherOpen access
2015When pneumonia becomes a double congenital diaphragmatic herniaGoulart, Andre; Torrão, Helena; Leão, PedroOtherOpen access