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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2012Bifunctionalised long-wavelength fluorescent probes for biological applicationsFirmino, A. D. G.; Gonçalves, M. Sameiro T.ArticleOpen access
2003Cycloaddition of methyl 2-(2,6-dichorophenyl)-2H-azirine-3-carboxylate to electron rich 2-azadienesAlves, M. José; Durães, M. Miguel; Fortes, A. GilArticleOpen access
2004Electrogenerated nickel(I) complexes as catalysts for the intramolecular radical cyclisation of unsaturated a-bromoestersDuñach, E.; Esteves, Ana Paula; Medeiros, Maria José, et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
1999Electroreductive cyclisation of unsatured halides catalysed by nickel macrocyclic complexesDuñach, E.; Esteves, Ana Paula; Freitas, A. M., et al.ArticleRestricted access (UMinho)
2012Enhancement of the photochromic switching speed of bithiophene azo dyesCoelho, Paulo J.; Castro, M. Cidália R.; Fernandes, Sara S. M., et al.ArticleOpen access
2002First report of a permanent open form of a naphthopyranCampos, Ana M. F. Oliveira; Martins, Cristina I.; Coelho, Paulo J., et al.ArticleOpen access
28-Jun-2008Heteroaromatic alanine derivatives bearing (oligo)thiophene units : synthesis and photophysical propertiesCosta, Susana P. G.; Oliveira, M. Elisabete; Lodeiro, Carlos, et al.ArticleOpen access
1999High yielding synthesis of heterocyclic beta-substituted alanine derivativesFerreira, Paula M. T.; Maia, Hernâni L. S.; Monteiro, Luís S.ArticleOpen access
Jan-2011Novel DNA fluorescence probes based on N-[5-(11-functionalised-undecylamino)-9H-benzo[a]phenoxazin-9-ylidene]propan-1-aminium chlorides: synthesis and photophysical studiesAlves, Carla M. A.; Naik, Sarala; Coutinho, Paulo J. G., et al.ArticleOpen access
2003Optically active aziridine esters by nucleophilic addition of nitrogen heterocycles to a chiral 2H-azirine-2-carboxylic esterAlves, M. José; Fortes, A. Gil; Gonçalves, Luís F. F. F.ArticleOpen access
2003Palladium-catalyzed borylation and Suzuki coupling (BSC) to obtain beta-substituted dehydroamino acid derivativesAbreu, Ana S.; Silva, Natália O.; Ferreira, Paula M. T., et al.ArticleOpen access
2006Photochromic properties of thienylpyrrole azo dyes in solutionCoelho, Paulo J.; Carvalho, Luís H. Melo de; Fonseca, A. Maurício C., et al.ArticleOpen access
2003Stereoselective cycloaddition of 1-glucosyl-1,3-butadienes with tert-butyl 2H-azirine-3-carboxylate, glyoxylates and iminesAlves, M. José; Almeida, I. G.; Fortes, A. Gil, et al.ArticleOpen access
2003Structural elucidation of the red dye obtained from reaction of 1,8-naphthalenediol with 1,1-diphenylprop-2-yn-1-ol : a correctionCampos, Ana M. F. Oliveira; Carvalho, Luís H. Melo de; Silva, Artur M. S., et al.ArticleOpen access
11-Sep-2008Synthesis and evaluation of bipendant-armed (oligo)thiophene crown ether derivatives as new chemical sensorsBatista, Rosa Maria Ferreira; Oliveira, M. Elisabete; Costa, Susana P. G., et al.ArticleOpen access
2005Synthesis and fluorescence properties of side-chain carboxylated 5,9-diaminobenzo[a]phenoxazinium saltsFrade, Vânia H. J.; Gonçalves, M. Sameiro T.; Moura, João C. V. P.ArticleOpen access
2003Synthesis and intramolecular cyclization of novel beta,beta-bis(benzo[b]thienyl)dehydroalanine derivativesAbreu, Ana S.; Silva, Natália O.; Ferreira, Paula M. T., et al.ArticleOpen access
2016Synthesis and photophysical studies of new benzo[a]phenoxazinium chlorides as potential antifungal agentsLeitão, Maria Inês P. S.; Raju, B. Rama; Naik, Sarala, et al.ArticleOpen access
1995A synthesis of 8,10-dimethoxyellipticine via a diphenylamineCampos, Ana M. F. Oliveira; Queiroz, Maria João R. P.; Raposo, M. Manuela M., et al.ArticleOpen access
2004Synthesis of new fluorescent 2-(2’, 2’’-bithienyl)-1,3-benzothiazolesBatista, Rosa Maria Ferreira; Costa, Susana P. G.; Raposo, M. Manuela M.ArticleOpen access