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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Aug-2007Application of the Cre-loxP system for multiple gene disruption in the yeast kluyveromyces marxianusRibeiro, Orquídea; Gombert, Andreas Karoly; Teixeira, J. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
2001Biodegradation of bioaccessible textile azo dyes by Phanerochaete chrysosporiumMartins, M. Adosinda M.; Ferreira, Isabel C. F. R.; Santos, Isabel M., et al.ArticleOpen access
2007Biofilm control with T7 phagesSillankorva, Sanna; Pospiech, H.; Azeredo, Joana, et al.AbstractOpen access
2010Bioleaching of hexavalent chromium from soils using Acidithiobacillus thiooxidansFonseca, Bruna; Rodrigues, Joana Lúcia Lima Correia; Queiroz, A., et al.AbstractOpen access
Oct-2010Bioremoval of hexavalent chromium by A. viscosus supported on Y and ZSM5 zeolitesSilva, Bruna Andreia Nogueira Airosa; Neves, Isabel C.; Tavares, M. T.AbstractOpen access
2001Biotechnology in the textile industry - perspectives for the new millenniumGübitz, Georg M.; Paulo, Artur CavacoJournal editorialOpen access
2015Blockage of the pyrimidine biosynthetic pathway affects riboflavin production in Ashbya gossypiiSilva, Rui; Aguiar, Tatiana Quinta; Domingues, LucíliaArticleOpen access
2003Characterisation and application of glycanases secreted by aspergillus terreus CCMI 498 and trichoderma viride CCMI 84 for enzymatic deinking of mixed office wastepaperMarques, S.; Pala, H.; Alves, L., et al.ArticleOpen access
Aug-2015Citric acid production by Yarrowia lipolytica from crude glycerol: Influence of oxygen mass transfer rate (OTR)Ferreira, Patrícia; Mota, M.; Belo, IsabelAbstractOpen access
2007Cloning expression and characterization of a chitin-binding domainCarvalho, Vera; Gama, F. M.; Domingues, LucíliaAbstractOpen access
2015Comparison of aroma production from castor oil by Yarrowia lipolytica in airlift and STR bioreactorsBraga, Adelaide; Mesquita, D. P.; Amaral, A. L., et al.AbstractOpen access
2007Decolourisation of a synthetic textile effluent using a bacterial consortiumRamalho, Patrícia A.; Cardoso, M. Helena; Ramalho, Maria Teresa, et al.ArticleOpen access
15-Nov-2019Dissolved oxygen effect on microbial lipids production by Yarrowia lipolytica from volatile fatty acidsMiranda, Sílvia M.; Pereira, Ana Sofia; Lopes, Marlene, et al.AbstractOpen access
2010Effects of glucose and inoculum concentrations on production of bioactive molecules by Paenibacillus polymyxa RNC-D: a statistical experimental designSerrano, N. F. G.; Mussatto, Solange I.; Rodrigues, L. R., et al.AbstractOpen access
May-2008Enzymatic hydrolysis of PTT polymers and oligomersEberl, A.; Heumann, Sonja; Kotek, R., et al.ArticleOpen access
2009Enzymatic surface hydrolysis of poly(ethylene terephthalate) and bis(benzoyloxyethyl) terephthalate by lipase and cutinase in the presence of surface active moleculesEberl, A.; Heumann, Sonja; Brückner, T., et al.ArticleOpen access
2004Enzymatic versus chemical deinking of non-impact ink printed paperPala, H.; Mota, M.; Gama, F. M.ArticleOpen access
Aug-2012Erratum to "Effects of glucose and inoculum concentrations on production of bioactive molecules by Paenibacillus polymyxa RNC-D: A statistical experimental design" [J. Biotechnol. 150S (2010) S524]Serrano, N.; Mussatto, Solange I.; Rodrigues, L. R., et al.CorrigendumOpen access
15-Nov-2019Extraction of antioxidant compounds from enzymatic hydrolysis of brewer's spent grain after solid-state fermentationFernandes, Helena; Salgado, José Manuel; Peres, H., et al.AbstractOpen access
2002Hydrogen peroxide generation with immobilized glucose oxidase for textile bleachingTzanov, Tzanko; Costa, Silgia; Gübitz, Georg M., et al.ArticleOpen access