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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2016Uma abordagem qualitativa ao papel do capital social no desenvolvimento de iniciativas sociais em PortugalBernardino, Susana; Santos, J. Freitas; Fagundes, SandraWorking paperOpen access
2018An organizational aapacity model for wine cooperativesSouza, Maria de Fátima Arruda; Carvalho, AnaWorking paperOpen access
2018Asymmetric regional dynamics: from bust to recoveryAlexandre, Fernando; Costa, Hélder; Portela, Miguel, et al.Working paperOpen access
2019Behavior-based price discrimination with non-uniform distribution of consumer preferencesEsteves, Rosa Branca; Liu, Qihong; Shuai, JieWorking paperOpen access
2017California´s carbon market and energy prices: a wavelet analysisAguiar-Conraria, Luís; Soares, M. J.; Sousa, RitaWorking paperOpen access
2018Competition and Equity in Health Care MarketsSiciliani, Luigi; Straume, Odd RuneWorking paperOpen access
2017Destination attributes and tourist’s satisfaction in a cultural destinationVareiro, Laurentina; Ribeiro, J. Cadima; Remoaldo, Paula Cristina AlmeidaWorking paperOpen access
2018Does domestic demand matter for firms' exports?Esteves, Paulo Soares; Portela, Miguel; Rua, AntónioWorking paperOpen access
2019Does remote work improve or impair firm labour productivity? Longitudinal evidence from PortugalMonteiro, Natália P.; Straume, Odd Rune; Valente, MarietaWorking paperOpen access
Dec-2018Dynamic hospital competition under rationing by waiting timesSá, Luís Carlos Sousa; Siciliani, Luigi; Straume, Odd RuneWorking paperOpen access
2018Economic and political drivers of the duration of credit boomsCastro, Vítor; Martins, RodrigoWorking paperOpen access
2018EEE fees and the WEEE system – A model of efficiency and income in European countriesSousa, Rita; Agante, Elsa; Cerejeira, João, et al.Working paperOpen access
2018Estimating the Taylor Rule in the Time-Frequency DomainAguiar-Conraria, Luís; Martins, Manuel M. F.; Soares, M. J.Working paperOpen access
2018Financial market contagion and the sovereign debt crisis: a smooth transition approachMartins, Susana; Amado, CristinaWorking paperOpen access
2019Financialization, corporate governance and employee pay: a firm level analysisCarvalho, Margarita Arantes Salgueiro de; Cerejeira, JoãoWorking paperOpen access
2009Fiscal regime shifts in PortugalAfonso, António; Claeys, Peter; Sousa, Ricardo M.Working paperOpen access
2019A flatter life-cycle consumption profileAlexandre, Fernando; Bação, Pedro; Portela, MiguelWorking paperOpen access
2016Functional components of public expenditure, fiscal consolidations and the economic activityCastro, VítorWorking paperOpen access
Dec-2018Hospital Competition in the National Health Service: Evidence from a Patient Choice ReformBrekke, Kurt R.; Canta, Chiara; Siciliani, Luigi, et al.Working paperOpen access
2019Hospital competition under patient inertia: do switching costs stimulate quality provision?Sá, Luís Carlos SousaWorking paperOpen access