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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Apr-2006Application of a novel oscillatory flow micro-bioreactor to the production of γ-decalactone in a two immiscible liquid phase mediumReis, N.; Gonçalves, C. N.; Aguedo, Mário, et al.ArticleOpen access
2005Application of a novel oscillatory flow screening micro-reactor to a biotransformation in a two-phase mediumVicente, A. A.; Reis, N.; Gonçalves, Clarisse, et al.AbstractOpen access
30-Nov-2007Biodegradation of olive mill wastewater by non-conventional yeastsGonçalves, Clarisse; Aguedo, Mário; Belo, IsabelAbstractOpen access
2005Biotechnological application of Yarrowia lipolytica for biotransformation in biphasic mediaGomes, Nelma; Aguedo, Mário; Teixeira, J. A., et al.AbstractOpen access
Oct-2005Decalactone production by Yarrowia lipolytica under increased O2 transfer ratesAguedo, Mário; Gomes, Nelma; Escamilla Garcia, Erandi, et al.ArticleOpen access
Sep-2008Development of bioprocesses based in biphasic media involving the yeast Yarrowia lipolyticaGomes, Nelma; Gonçalves, Cristiana; Lopes, Marlene, et al.Conference paperOpen access
2004Effect of oxygen transfer rate within a biphasic medium : application to methyl ricinoleate biotransformation into aroma compounds by the yeast yarrowia lipopolyticaGomes, Nelma; Aguedo, Mário; Teixeira, J. A., et al.AbstractOpen access
Nov-2013Evaluation of arabinoxylans on physicochemical properties of chitosan based filmsCosta, Maria J.; Cerqueira, M. A.; Ruíz, Héctor A., et al.AbstractOpen access
2005Impact of the surface properties of lactic bacteria on the stability of emulsionsMai Huong Ly; Waché, Yves; Bouchez-Naïtali, M., et al.Conference paperOpen access
Jul-2008Interactions between bacterial surfaces and milk proteins, impact on food emulsions stabilityMai Huong Ly; Aguedo, Mário; Goudot, S., et al.ArticleOpen access
27-Aug-2006Lipase production by Yarrowia lipolytica : study of the effects of operating conditions by factorial design of experimentsLopes, Marlene; Gomes, Nelma; Araújo, Carla, et al.AbstractOpen access
2008Olive mill wastewater valorization : use by non-conventional yeastsGonçalves, Cristiana; Lopes, Marlene; Aguedo, Mário, et al.Conference paperOpen access
2005Oxygen influence on the ß-oxidative metabolism of methyl ricinoleate for lactones production by the yeast Yarrowia lipolyticaAguedo, Mário; Gomes, Nelma; Waché, Yves, et al.Conference paperOpen access
Aug-2007Oxygen mass transfer in a biphasic medium: influence on the biotransformation of methyl ricinoleate into γ-decalactone by the yeast Yarrowia lipolyticaGomes, Nelma; Aguedo, Mário; Teixeira, J. A., et al.ArticleOpen access
May-2009Production of 3-hydroxy-γ-decalactone, the precursor of two decenolides with flavouring properties, by the yeast Yarrowia lipolyticaEscamilla Garcia, Erandi; Aguedo, Mário; Gomes, Nelma, et al.ArticleOpen access
Nov-2007Production of γ-decalactoned by the yeast Yarrowia lipolytica using different ricinoleic acid sources : comparison of different start-up strategiesGomes, Nelma; Aguedo, Mário; Teixeira, J. A., et al.AbstractOpen access
Mar-2005Surface properties of Yarrowia lipolytica and their relevance to γ-decalactone formation from methyl ricinoleateAguedo, Mário; Waché, Yves; Belin, Jean-Marc, et al.ArticleOpen access
Apr-2009The use of olive mill wastewater by wild type Yarrowia lipolytica strains : medium supplementation and surfactant presence effectLopes, Marlene; Araújo, Carla; Aguedo, Mário, et al.ArticleOpen access
2007Use of castor oil for aroma production by the yeast yarrowia lipolytica : optimization of operating conditionsGomes, Nelma; Aguedo, Mário; Teixeira, J. A., et al.AbstractOpen access
2004The use of enzymes and microorganisms for the production of aroma compounds from lipidsAguedo, Mário; Mai Huong Ly; Belo, Isabel, et al.ArticleOpen access