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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
Jan-2013SCAPE : gap analysis on action services tools and SCAPE platform and testbeds requirementsFerreira, Miguel; Silva, Hélder; Castro, Rui, et al.ReportOpen access
May-2014SCAPE : report on compliance validationFerreira, Miguel; Faria, Luís; Hahn, Matthias, et al.ReportOpen access
21-Nov-2012SCAPE: ambientes de preservação escaláveisFerreira, MiguelOral presentationOpen access
Feb-2014SCAPE: final best practice guidelines and recommendationsFerreira, Miguel; Ramalho, José Carlos; Castro, Rui, et al.ReportOpen access
2011SCEUR - Serviço Centralizado de Estatísticas de Utilização de RepositóriosSilva, Hélder de Jesus Almeida da; Ramalho, José Carlos; Ferreira, MiguelOral presentationOpen access
27-Feb-2008Sistemas de suporte à governação electrónica: preservação a longo-prazo de informação digitalRamalho, José Carlos; Ferreira, MiguelOral presentationOpen access
29-Nov-2007Social ideas in unsocial environments: bringing social software concepts to digital repositoriesFerreira, Miguel; Baptista, Ana AliceOral presentationOpen access
9-Jul-2013Supporting the preservation lifecycle in repositoriesFaria, Luís; Becker, Christoph; Duretec, Kresimir, et al.Oral presentationOpen access
May-2007Tea for two: bringing informal communication to repositoriesBaptista, Ana Alice; Ferreira, MiguelArticleOpen access
2006Três anos depois… uma reflexão sobre o projecto DigitArqFerreira, MiguelOral presentationOpen access
2005The use of taxonomies as a way to achieve interoperability and improved resource discovery in DSpace-based repositoriesFerreira, Miguel; Baptista, Ana AliceConference paperOpen access
15-Feb-2007XML e preservação digitalRamalho, José Carlos; Ferreira, Miguel; Castro, Rui, et al.Conference paperOpen access