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Dez-2012The fate of acetic acid during glucose co-metabolism by the spoilage yeast Zygosaccharomyces bailiiRodrigues, Fernando José dos Santos; Sousa, Maria João; Ludovico, Paula, et al.articleopenAccess
2014The genome sequence of the highly acetic acid-tolerant zygosaccharomyces bailii-derived interspecies hybrid strain ISA1307, isolated from a sparkling wine plantLeão, Cecília; Rodrigues, Fernando José dos Santos; Santos, Júlia, et al.articleopenAccess
Jan-1999Transport of acetate in mutants of Saccharomyces cerevisiae defective in monocarboxylate permeasesPaiva, Sandra; Althoff, Stefanie; Casal, Margarida, et al.articleopenAccess
1999Transport and utilization of hexoses and pentoses in the halotolerant yeast Debaryomyces hanseniiNobre, Alexandra; Lucas, Cândida; Leão, CecíliaarticleopenAccess
1992Transport of malic acid in the yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe: evidence for a proton-dicarboxylate symportSousa, Maria João; Mota, M.; Leão, CecíliaarticleopenAccess
Abr-1998Transporte de glucose e xilose em Debaryomyces hanseniiNobre, Alexandra; Lucas, Cândida; Leão, CecíliaconferenceAbstractopenAccess
Jul-2006A twenty-year survey of dermatophytoses in Braga, PortugalValdigem, G. L.; Pereira, Tiago; Macedo, C., et al.articleopenAccess
2002Use of a differential culture medium for the enumeration of Zygosaccharomyces bailii, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia membranifaciens in wineSchuller, Dorit Elisabeth; Côrte-Real, Manuela; Leão, CecíliabookPartopenAccess