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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2018Teaching fractions - visiting the primary school classroomCardoso, Paula; Mamede, EmaArticleOpen access
2017The comprehension of numerical relationships in the learning of fractions: a comparative study with Brazilian and Portuguese childrenVasconcelos, Isabel Cristina Peregrina; Mamede, Ema; Vargas Dorneles, BeatrizArticleOpen access
2016The inverse relation between the size and the number of partsMamede, Ema; Vasconcelos, IsabelArticleOpen access
2016Trabalho colaborativo como fonte de recursos para a aula de Matemática – O caso do ensino de fraçõesCardoso, Paula; Mamede, EmaConference paperOpen access
2016O trabalho com as figuras geométricas no pré-escolarBalinha, Filipa; Mamede, EmaArticleOpen access
2018Using young children’s real world to solve multiplicative reasoning real problemsSoutinho, Florbela; Mamede, EmaBook partOpen access
2018Young children can learn to reason and to name fractionsMamede, EmaBook partOpen access
2012Young children solving additive structure problemsMamede, Ema; Soutinho, FlorbelaBook partOpen access
2017Young children solving multiplicative reasoning problemsSoutinho, Florbela; Mamede, EmaArticleOpen access
2012Young children solving partitive division tasksMamede, Ema; Silva, AmáliaConference paperOpen access
2018Young children working with geometric figuresBalinha, Filipa; Mamede, EmaArticleOpen access