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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)TypeAccess
2016Bacterial cellulose-lactoferrin as an antimicrobial edible packagingPadrão, Jorge; Gonçalves, S.; Silva, João P., et al.ArticleOpen access
26-May-2008Banana : an alternative as adjunct and natural aromatic compound for beersCarvalho, Giovani B. M.; Silva, Daniel Pereira da; Vicente, A. A., et al.AbstractOpen access
May-2009Banana as adjunct in beer production : applicability and performance of fermentative parametersCarvalho, Giovani B. M.; Silva, Daniel Pereira da; Bento, Camila V., et al.ArticleOpen access
24-Aug-2008Banana peel and grape stalk: potential of valorization through the evaluation of chemical composition and physical-chemical propertiesRuzene, Denise S.; Silva, Daniel P.; Carvalho, Giovani B. M., et al.AbstractOpen access
Mar-2019Banana starch nanocomposite with cellulose nanofibers isolated from banana peel by enzymatic treatment: In vitro cytotoxicity assessmentTibolla, H.; Pelissari, F. M.; Martins, Joana T., et al.ArticleOpen access
Jun-2016Beeswax organogels: Influence of gelator concentration and oil type in the gelation processMartins, Artur J.; Cerqueira, M. A.; Fasolin, L., et al.ArticleOpen access
2-Oct-2018Behavior of lactoferrin nanohydrogels incorporating curcumin as model compound into food simulantsAraújo, J. F.; Bourbon, A. I.; Vicente, A. A., et al.AbstractOpen access
21-May-2001Behaviour of dual gas-liquid separator in an internal-loop airlift reactor : effect of top clearanceDolgoš, Ondrej; Klein, Jaroslav; Vicente, A. A., et al.Conference paperOpen access
5-Nov-2017Beta-carotene loaded oleogels’ texture and disintegration behaviour during in-vitro digestionMartins, Artur J.; Cerqueira, Miguel A.; Gonçalves, Catarina, et al.AbstractOpen access
8-Mar-2012Bio-based coatings for food processing applicationsCerqueira, Miguel Ângelo Parente Ribeiro; Bourbon, Ana I.; Vicente, A. A.AbstractOpen access
6-Jul-2017Bio-based nanocarriers incorporating curcumin bioaccessibility and cell viability evaluationGonçalves, Raquel F. S.; Martins, Joana T.; Duarte, Catarina M., et al.AbstractOpen access
2018Bio-based nanocomposites for food packaging and their effect in food quality and safetyRamos, Óscar L.; Pereira, Ricardo Nuno Correia; Cerqueira, Miguel Ângelo Parente Ribeiro, et al.Book partRestricted access (UMinho)
2012Bio-based nanofilms/coatings for food applicationsCerqueira, M. A.; Vicente, A. A.; Teixeira, J. A.AbstractOpen access
2-Apr-2019Bioaccessibility of beta-carotene loaded oleogelsGonçalves, Catarina; Martins, Artur J.; Amado, Isabel, et al.PosterOpen access
2013Biocomposite films based on κ-carrageenan/locust bean gum blends and clays : physical and antimicrobial propertiesMartins, Joana; Bourbon, A. I.; Pinheiro, A. C., et al.ArticleOpen access
11-Jun-2011Biodegradable composite films based on kappa-carrageenan/locust bean gum blends and clays: Physical and antimicrobial propertiesMartins, Joana T.; Bourbon, Ana I.; Pinheiro, Ana Cristina, et al.AbstractOpen access
2012Bioethanol production from hydrothermal pretreated wheat straw by a flocculating Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain : effect of process conditionsRuíz, Héctor A.; Silva, Daniel Pereira da; Ruzene, Denise S., et al.ArticleOpen access
2019BIOFOODPACK: Biocomposite packaging for active preservation of food: the project and the progressesFerreira, Paula; Nunes, Cláudia; Coimbra, Manuel António, et al.AbstractOpen access
2008Biological treatment of solid wastes from the tobacco industry for enzyme productionOliveira, Ana Iolanda; Curbelo, C.; Alvarez, G. M., et al.Book partOpen access
2013Biorefinery valorization of autohydrolysis wheat straw hemicellulose to be applied in a polymer-blend filmRuiz, Héctor A.; Cerqueira, M. A.; Ruíz, Héctor A., et al.ArticleOpen access